I’ll be back

I have some stuff to attend to, so I’ll be absent for awhile. Entertain one another with your always pithy, erudite comments!

I do love Robert Frost’s poetry:

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

On guard



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17 responses to “I’ll be back

  1. Pat

    Will count the days until you are back 😉


  2. Caroline

    We’ll miss you, but this will give us a chance to catch up with your back pages – another new mini-project! Take care of yourself.


  3. Come back soon cara, I miss you already!


  4. Jan pag

    I shall still pop in everyday day for a wander through your views on Venice. Take care x


  5. Rob C


    Good luck with whatever you’re doing, hurry back!



  6. Bert

    I read this:
    In 1921, near Garibaldi’s statue in the gardens, a ghost appeared in a red shirt. It attacked passersby, tripping people up and shaking them roughly. The ghost was recognised as one Giuseppe Zolli, who was a fervent Garibaldi follower and who had sworn to protect his leader in death as in life. It was decided to commission a bronze statue of Zolli to put behind Garibaldi’s statue. From that day the ghost stopped appearing.
    The statue of Garibaldi was erected in 1885, and, if the story is true, the statue of Zolli would have been erected in 1921 or shortly thereafter.
    Brian, don’t fall asleep on a ferry in Denmark!


  7. Andrew

    Missing you already.


  8. Brian

    HI Yvonne! Thanks for all that goes into your blog- a lot of time goes into keeping us up to date. Keep an eye out while you’re attending to this and that.


  9. MaryK

    Come back soon…….we’ll so miss you


  10. Good morning Linda, Michelle and Barb. I’ll hurry back as quickly as I can! Barb, you didn’t get a fair trot this time, with all that liquid sunshine!

    Ciao, belle. 🙂


  11. Barb

    Hurry back or I will have to look at my own photos and they’re really quite ordinary…..no graffiti, hidden treasures, fun places, etc.


  12. Michelle

    Yes, we wil. Booooo Hooooo.


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