I was standing with my back to the Chiesa Santa Maria Maddalena when I took these photos of a very neglected palazzo. It’s another place that would take bags and bags of money to restore.

It made my heart ache to see this proud beauty in such a state.



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19 responses to “Cannaregio

  1. Al

    Honestly, with all the money that has been poured into saving Venice, you’d have thought that there would be a scheme to ensure that the grand old buildings are renovated and protected….it’s criminal that they should be left to decay, sometimes to a state that is beyond repair. I’d LOVE to have a place like this.


  2. I can’t look at this, I’m sad and I’d like to have tons of money…


  3. lemniscate47

    Ohh, indeed, such a shame. Such beautifull bricks n brickWork in behind those last remnants of crumbling plaster.. n the glass in those arched windows is of some deliciously intricate circular design. Even the poor old shutters look as if they were initially made of some fine wood or other. Where are all those daft moneyed toffs n wasters when you need one??


  4. Oh, dear! What a beauty that could be.


  5. Michelle

    Hmmm, maybe I should have bought that mega millions ticket.


  6. Sad indeed. So since Johnny apparently has forsaken his palazzo close to San Stae, perhaps this would better suit him? It would be more private possibly. 🙂


  7. Joanne Hoefer

    Now if I could just win the Lotto- but is there room for a horse couldn’t leave home without him
    This place needs to be on house hunters – I can just hear them now “this place is a gut job”


  8. Other Yvonne

    If only we had bags of money…. what would we get up to in Venice??!!


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