I do like Castello!

Some of the houses had remnants of wood in their structure. Their photos seemed to lend themselves to a touch of sepia.

And then, I had a glimpse of part of the Arsenale works.



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9 responses to “I do like Castello!

  1. Caroline

    Yvonne, you definitely need to come during the Art Biennale when you can see round a lot of the Arsenale (more & more of it, each of the last 3 Biennales) 🙂 Plus, remember, lots of other places you can’t normally get into (creepy deserted palazzi, disused churches, etc.)!


  2. Sono D. Chicago

    I prefer Elvis Castello, especially his early stuff.


  3. Michelle

    I already have a Yvonne book. Lucky me.


  4. Hi, Darlene and Barb, my 2 birds, whom I am “killing” with one stone! The tone just suited those nice old structures. Barb, if I wasn’t so darned lazy …. Maybe I could find someone who would do it for me, that would be good!


  5. Barb

    The sepia tones were perfect. Are you sure there isn’t a book in your future? 🙂


  6. The sepia is very effective.


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