All the lovely people

Just going about their daily lives.





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10 responses to “All the lovely people

  1. Spot on, Bert. I was waiting for someone I knew to appear on that wooden bridge. (I wasn’t waiting for anyone at the prison, though.) 🙂


  2. Bert

    The first is near the street where you once lived. The second is a bit further along, taken from the bridge (to the back door of the Servite Monastery) visible in the distance in the first. The third must be the prison at Santa Maria Maggiore.


  3. Barb

    I am still in that “not quite back yet” phase. Your photos immediately sent me back to my happy place! I can close my eyes and feel and hear Venice all around me. Thanks, Yvonne!


  4. I think that the most difficult thing when you travel – and the most beautiful – is to be part of a community, part of everyday life: but you are able to be part of that because your eyes catch every particular, and your soul is definitively Venetian!!!


    • Thank you, Daniela. It is very special to be able to spend a longer time in Venice (or anywhere, I suppose), so you can begin to understand a tiny bit about the heart of that place. Sospiro.


  5. Jo

    My dream …. To be a part of that daily life! Thanks for my daily “dose” of Venice guaranteed to make the day start well!


  6. Maybe more fun to be a tourist in Venice? Do you know why they were putting down those boards for the FIAT (Fix It Again Tony)?


    • Every year they have “la giostra” (like a carnival alley, with rides, games, etc., for the children) on a broad Riva, adjacent to the water’s edge, in Castello. I happened to be there when the show left town. A huge ferry disgorged many trucks, everything was packed into the trucks, and they were carefully driven onto the ferry to be taken to the next place. The planks were put down to try to prevent damage to the paving, the police were there to ensure everything was done correctly. It took ages for the job to be finished.


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