Update: Making curls with rags

Look what I found!


I think I’d be phoning a friend for help, somehow. Andrew, are you free?



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12 responses to “Update: Making curls with rags

  1. Andrew

    If I were the model it would be over in 30 seconds leaving more time for Spritz. (or Branca Menta).

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  2. It sounds like a rag curl happening is gaining momentum. We could go to one of the outdoor places in Campo Santa Margherita. Who’s volunteering to be the model?
    PS Cheryl, I prefer Campari, also.


  3. Michelle

    Since my hair is already curly I’ll just watch. And as you know it’s Gingerino for me.


  4. I’ll bring the rags…..multi-colored….terre cotta….venetian red……..


  5. We could do a nice comb-over for you, Andrew. How do you take your spritz?


  6. Andrew

    If I could just have that front bit it would cover the bald patch. You’d never notice the join.


  7. Barb

    My grandmother use to put my hair in rag curls. I ended up looking like Shirley Temple but without any talent!


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