Other unanswered questions

I was on a vaporetto, going somewhere, and spied this lady with a rather different  hairdo. Is she doing it so her hair will be curly when she removes the rags? Was it just her impulse for the day?  I quite liked her nonchalance and style.

How many of you will confess to being able to remember your mother cranking your hair up in this fashion? (You fellows may abstain, it you wish.)



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19 responses to “Other unanswered questions

  1. Caroline

    Unfortunately not – my mother was a plastic-curlers-and-hairnet-in-bed woman! This lady looks quite young, though, was she? Back in Britain I’d have put this down as an arty look (I note also the colourful clothes) but not sure about here in Italy, which seems more conventional about things like hairdos. (Btw going for my first Italian hair appointment on Thursday – wish me luck!!)


  2. Rob C

    I’m so glad that all these comments are going ‘over my head’ 🙂


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  3. And then there was that pretty pink tape that you used to keep your bangs straight when they dried. Of course if used with Dippity Do it took a jackhammer to get the “cement” off.


  4. Like Linda, I remember bobby pins and pin curls, but we never used rags. Remember Dippity Do?

    I like her style too, cute and quirky.


  5. I remember” rag rolls” very well! Mom did our hair in rags for my uncle’s wedding! I did my daughter, Kristi’s hair that way when she was little.


  6. Good one Andrew!
    We didn’t do the rags in my house…..but I do remember using bobby pins and making pin curls. I had really long hair so I had huge pin curls.
    I agree with you Yvonne…I like her ‘look’ too. Even if she were just curling her hair…it’s a cute look on the way to curls.


  7. Andrew

    I don’t remember it but perhaps that’s why I’m bald.


  8. Michelle

    Nope, my mum never did that. She was a “natural” woman. Only put curlers in myself when I was older and it was never long enough for rags. I did read about them in books.


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