Wouldn’t want his job for quids!

When I wash my dishes, I look out over my shrubs to see the roof tops of the homes of my neighbours. Today, there was an added extra, starring Kerry, my favourite handyman. He was blasting the old paint and moss off the roof of one of my neighbours. I’m glad to see he was wearing a safety belt/rope, as I saw him slip just after I took the second photo.

Be careful, Kerry!

The sun peeked through for a few moments, revealing a pale rainbow in the fine rain. I don’t think Kerry was worried about the beauty of nature though!

What about you? Would you be able to do his job?

PS  This is for lemniscate47, who wondered what my geckos look like. They’ve been very reclusive today, but here’s one. He/she is about 6cm long.



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24 responses to “Wouldn’t want his job for quids!

  1. A slanted roof, dodgy harness and what appears to be rain clouds in the distance – I hope that he is earning enough money to do that!


    • I sure hope so, too, Steve. He’s a great handy man, we need him alive. And, welcome to my blog!

      I just looked at your link … you are definitely qualified to comment on Kerry and his undertaking.


  2. Jan pag

    Another building related post from me – sat in a pub in wet and windy Wales looking at a natural slate roof covered in moss – although they do not deliberately encourage it here it is used as added insulation and roof stabiliser!


  3. MaryK

    I initially thought the green was peeling paint – it’s so extensive on the roof. I forget just how fast nasties like moss grows in the tropics. What a big job to clean it off. And I wouldn’t let Worksafe see Kerry like that (they’d probably want 4 men, a scissor lift and scaffolding)!!

    It was nice to see your gecko, as my part of the world is one small lizard less today…. not an hour ago I looked out and saw my resident gang of adolescent (and very delinquent) magpies corner one and eat it. They found it highly entertaining and cause for much noisy celebration. I didn’t!


    • It is mostly peeling paint, Mary, with moss thrown into the mix. Yes, I hope Kerry had good insurance.

      Those magpies (and kooka burras, too), do go after the outdoor scuttling critters.


  4. Yvonne, we had geckos that would be all over the house when we lived in Cairo. I remember them being bigger. Anyway, they were great fun.


  5. Michelle

    Another no way, I’ll suffer with the moss thank you.
    When I lived in Grenada in the West Indies (not far from St Vincent) my little green geckos were about 3-4 inches long. I don’t remember seeing one bigger than that. Although when I lived in the California desert we had lizzards…not sure what kind of lizzard but the got to be about a foot long…pretty good sized. And they also took care of insects. They usually stayed outside…unlike geckos.


    • Kerry isn’t there today Michelle, he might have had other jobs scheduled. He has MANY more days to clear that big roof. I’m quite pleased it’s being done, because the roof has been a “rustic eyesore” for all these years!


  6. Another vote for “no way!”. What a view from your kitchen window and I think Kerry enhances it 😉

    I love the gecko, I never realized how tiny they were until I saw your gecko litter box.


    • Hi, Susie. I was just thinking about you folks, wondering how you are, and up you pop. I’ll tell Kerry he has a fan, he’ll like that.

      I think some countries might have larger ones (geckos), they do a good job keeping the insects at bay,


      • Ciao Carissima, we are well, although missing Venice. Anxiously plotting our return. Today was the first day I never thought about my broken rib, it is finally healing! I even planted some red geraniums this evening. Thank you ever so much for your blog, it is such a bright spot in my day!


      • It took so long for that rib to come good! Have you had lunch with Christy yet?


  7. I do a lot of power washing in Mexico, but not on a slanted roof. The gecko looks much like the ones we see in Mexico. The babies are so tiny.


  8. Caroline

    Gosh, the scenery from your window is amazing, Yvonne! (Referring specifically here to the landscape with the rainbow, not to Kerry :-)) It reminds me of St Vincent in the West Indies.


  9. Oh good Lord I would not want to be up on a slippery roof in rubber boots. Suction cup boots if there were such a thing or in a cherry picker. I guess someone has to do it and that is a lot of moss up on the roof.


  10. No way Jose…..thank gawd he’s tethered.
    Yvonne what a beautiful neighborhood…..lovey……..!!!!


  11. About that job? A big “no thank you” from me. I’ve spent a lifetime climbing mountains, wandering trails, cross country in the wilds and scrambling up rocky pitches alongside rather remarkable vertical exposure with awe and respect but no nervous pangs. However, get me on a ladder or roof and I’m worthless. I think it’s because if you fall from a cliff, it’s “all over”, but from a ladder or roof and you will be hurting for the rest of your long and painful life. A “little optimism” (ha!) for your misty day.


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