The garden, Ca’ Rezzonico

Well! I never knew I could approach the Ca’ Rezzonico museum from Campo Santa Barnaba, via the Fondamenta Rezzonico, nor that there was a most beautiful garden tucked in there, and that I could admire the ground floor of the museum on my way through to get to the vaporetto stop. That meant I could look at some of Canova’s work, for free!!!  

Later in my stay, I did buy a combined museum’s pass (what a bargain), and paid a visit to the Ca’ Rezzonico museum. But, there’s so much to see, including the marvel of the palazzo, I’ll have to go back a few more times to do it justice.

Taking advantage of some sunny space near the Grand Canal

A friend was recently in Ca' Rezzonico and sent me a wonderful photo showing a bird's-eye view of the layout of the garden. Mine was taken at ground level.

There's lots of neat stuff to look at

Cool headgear, dude.

The one that didn't get away

Just on the other side of the garden wall, on the way into the museum, a pond with some genuine big, fat fish.


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21 responses to “The garden, Ca’ Rezzonico

  1. Caroline

    I hadn’t actually thought about there being any other way in 🙂 The garden is nice – and quiet – isn’t it? Interested to see the fish – when we visited (2010 I think), there were small turtles or terrapins in the pool.


    • There’s always something to find out,Caroline.

      There could have been other creatures in the pond, it was cold and they could have been shivering in some nook.


  2. Bert

    Yvonne could be referring (‘interesting stuff’) to my post on VDP of October 8th, last year.


  3. Another place to visit in Venice on that “future” trip I long to make….


  4. Andrew

    Do you just walk into the garden from the fondamente over the bridge from San Barnaba? I’ve been in Ca’ Rezzonico from the front but didn’t realise that there was another entrance.


    • That’s right, Andrew. And there was some interesting stuff to look at while walking on that fondamenta. Also, there’s plenty more to see in the garden, if you hadn’t already discovered that.


  5. jan Graham

    Love that place Yvonne,. may go back, ( if the knee is up to it)


  6. Mark and I spent a delightful morning there in December. It was a sunny day and I was entranced by the gardens and the views out of the windows. Thank you for bringing back wonderful memories Yvonne!


  7. MaryK

    We often go via Ca’Rezzonico to the vaporetto from the apartment we rent – which is just on the other side of the wall. It’s a stupendous building, and I love walking through it to the Grand Canal, and then across the little bridge to the vaporetto.

    On a more prosaic note – as the ground floor is open at no charge – you can also avail yourself of the free toilets!


    • Hi, Mary. What a nice short cut for you folks! How lucky we are to be able to stroll through the ground floor and the gardens.

      There’ll be a sudden increase in the number of people trotting in to use their toilets now, no doubt.


  8. Michelle

    One for me in November…a rainy day activity I’m sure….since you can’t get me and the camera indoors when it’s sunny outside.


    • It’s so huge! Check online, or at their information office when you get there, as there may be parts you want to get to first. I’d start at the top next time! There’s a lot of walking, stairs, and not many places to rest , as I recall.


  9. Isn’t wonderful to have so much time in Venice to be able to return to places and not have to rush through? I’m always amazed at how many places I want to return to again and again…..
    I love Ca’Rezzonico…thanks for posting!!!


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