Renovator’s delight!

How much am I offered for this property which just needs some tender love and care? (And a few bags full of money.)



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26 responses to “Renovator’s delight!

  1. Jo

    I have often looked longingly at this palazzo – I wonder what the story is behind it – as it is such an amazing position and yet it has been totally abandoned. I’m guessing you would need a lottery jackpot to renovate it!!


    • And then some, Jo. I often wonder what the condition is like on the inside, too.


    • Rob C

      Unless you win the El Gordo or some other equivalent you’d have no chance!

      for any renovation in Venice it’s got to be done ‘as it was, how it was’ or some such restriction, so you’ve got to use local artisans (not builders you note, artisans) and follow archaic & restrictive regulations that have multiple cost levels, epending on whether your a Ventetian or not, whether you’re going to employ Venetians after the renovation or not etc etc etc .


  2. Peter.S.Aus

    Tell Francesco to come around and clean up his old family home!

    The way these renovations drag on …


  3. J’adore cet endroit, il est très inspirant !
    Ce pauvre palais délabré est un des plus anciens de Venise (XIIIe siècle) avec ses éléments de récupération byzantins. Seuls, la façade sur le Grand Canal et l’escalier de la cour remontent à l’origine de la construction.


  4. Joanne Hoefer

    Some step scrubbing, a few pots of lovely red geraniums, a nice bistro table & chairs, a little oil on those lovely wood doors, a million dollars and your good to go.


  5. Rob C

    Unfortunately I think Michelle has got it, eventually it will be another boutique hotel at $1000 a night (not including breakfast).

    Until then, it’s just a very sad pile of broken dreams.



  6. Kathy Van Til

    I took a picture of this same site in August 2010, except the stairs were weedier and sported a brave purple flower! I tried to post the pic but was unable to do so.


  7. Michelle

    I think those bags woulld have to be very, very large. And unfortunately someone with those kind of money bags would probably turn it into another hotel.


  8. Oh I love it….it looks like our staircase, here in NJ.
    I recently watched “Don’t Look Now” (it was filmed in Venice in 1973).
    I’ve also been pouring over older books….published from the 50’s til 80’s.

    I am very surprised that things actually look better in Venice now. I think after the flood in 1966 the world saw how in need of help Venice was…how much renovation was needed to save her!
    Has anyone else noticed this or are things getting worse and I just don’t see it??


    • I hope your staircase is not quite that dilapidated, Linda. 🙂


    • Caroline

      I’ve been very struck this year by the huge number of buildings, of all types, which have restoration work going on – with money from the comune. I’ve never noticed this so much before. Maybe all that money from the cruising companies is doing some good, although I hate to think that. I was particularly pleased to see the Grand Canal palace (just to the left of the Natural History Museum when viewed from the water) which seems to be getting renovated as a public primary school – that seems encouraging in all sots of ways.


  9. Bert

    The palazzo is right on a bend in the Grand Canal, so the views should be great. Watch out for albino lions, though!


  10. That’s for sure, Jan. Renovations (even repairs) are expensive in Venice, as in many other places.


  11. jan Graham

    That is a real shame, but truth said, can see that happening sadly more often,


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