Wherever you wander in Venice, there are small details to capture your interest and attention.

A building method revealed

I wonder how old this is? And, if that is the exterior of a fireplace, what are those two little square structures?

An external stairway leading to an adjacent building

A water door on a canal. I had rarely seen stairs and the interior so clearly.




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6 responses to “Architecture

  1. You get the most amazing pictures.


  2. Bert

    The last one has a bonus pissotta! [That’s Ponte de la Saca, by the way.]
    The third picture is in Calle de le Canne, near San Giobbe.
    My guess for the small square structures is that they are small openings which help the draught of the chimney.


  3. Michelle

    Ah, an example of the many reasons my camera and I haven’t made it into a museum, yet.


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