More of Treviso

Treviso is only about half an hour by regional train, from Venice. If you do go, plan to get there early, and remember that many (most) attractions will be closed for several hours in the afternoon. That is the time for a leisurely lunch and stroll around the city, before heading for another church or museum, or to do some shopping.

Here is one link to basic information about this pleasant little city.

Part of the war memorial







Fragments of frescoes can be seen in many places

Wear comfortable shoes!

Most angelic



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26 responses to “More of Treviso

  1. Actually the Great Swamp here in New Jersey is amazing….lol.


  2. Rob C

    Hey, more knocker here, all uncredited though! Vicenza is great and Padua, Bassano DG is great too, especially the bridge.



    • Rob, I must be hypoglycaemic or something! What do you mean by your first sentence?

      Bassano DG is the only place I have enjoyed grappa, I took the recommendation of the waitress. The museum has some of the works of that bloke who did the delectable bottoms, by the way!


  3. Yvonne….the lion reminds me of our kitten…Jac….she just brought her 16th snake into the house!
    Thanx for the link…I can’t wait!
    Which other cities/town near Venice have you explored?

    Yvonne….you always make my day with your newest posts!!!


    • If Jac is just a kitten, and bringing snakes in, what will she bring you when she’s full grown?

      Other places I really liked: Vicenza, Verona, Padua, Bassano del Grappa, Chioggia. They’re all on the train lines! (Oops, not Chioggia, that needs a vaporetto, bus, and ferry, or a bus from Piazzale Roma)


  4. Overheard a conversation. A person was asked which was their favorite city. The question made me wonder what my answer would be. I’ve been to many wonderful places – Istanbul, Paris, San Francisco, New Orleans, Montreal, but I know I would say Venice!
    PS No need to ask you the question.


  5. I love the remnants of the frescoes.


    • You’ll see lots of them, in a stroll around Treviso. The day we were there, there was a huge market, with all sorts of consumer goods (including fresh produce).


  6. Michelle

    Love the lion with the crossed paws. I had a cat who would sit like that…sort of like a person sitting with their legs crossed.

    It’s on my list for a potential visit on my next trip to Venice but if it goes like it has before….I’ll never leave Venice.


    • When you go to Treviso and see this lion face to face, you’ll see that is some kind of prey he had pinned down. Have a look at the second lion photo, and you’ll see the rear of the lizard (or dragon) he has conquered.


  7. That’s one buxom ‘lady’ featured at the war memorial….wouldn’t want to meet her in a back alley!

    You mention going early and then having a leisurely lunch followed by more sightseeing. One questions…how often and late do the trains run?

    thanx so much for taking the time to post…….


    • She is “staunch”, isn’t she!

      The trains run roughly every half hour, they run until 23:25. Have a play with the Trenitalia site, I used the 10th as my chosen date, and put in various times, to and from Treviso.

      Thank you for your encouraging words, Linda. Every time I decide I won’t post anymore, you give me that needed boost. 🙂


      • Caroline

        Oh Yvonne, you can’t stop! You are an inspiration to us!


      • And, you and Phil are inspirations to all of us, Caroline. I just watched Kevin McCloud, he was in LEITH!!


      • Caroline

        How kind! Ah, that would be the old school caretaker’s house? We visited it a couple of times on Doors Open Day – it was just round the corner from us. At first we thought it was spectacular but not very practical – basically just one big open room with the bed & bath on the balcony – nowhere to put a single guest – but then they had a child & added a small extension – did it include that? It was subsequently up for sale but not sure if it sold r not. What the programme cleverly avoids showing you is that is surrounded by high rise modern flats!


      • Caroline, that’s the very place! No, the final part of the show was from 2004, so obviously, lots had happened since then. They would have had a hard time finding a buyer for that idiosyncratic place, I would imagine. But, I did admire the muscles she had developed during the build!


  8. julie

    Loved our trip there Yvonne .. ( I spotted me in the distance ! )


  9. You certainly make it look inviting !!


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