More doors, gates and knockers

This was on Murano

Rusty old gate (and a bonus pissotta)

Not really a door or gate, but interesting, just the same


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21 responses to “More doors, gates and knockers

  1. Marie Gehde

    Absolutely loved your doors, gates and knockers page. When we were in Russia/Eastern Europe last year, I took lots of similar photos. I find them quite evocative. I found your blog by ‘googling’ ‘what to do in Venice when you have been there before’ , even though it was 1972 when we were last there!

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  2. One of my books says that the little window in your 5th photo dates back to the 9th or 10th century. The workmanship is so beautiful!

    Happy Easter to you!


  3. Sono D. Chicago

    Again, not the kind of knockers I was hoping for…especially after the recent, racy Canova-bottoms talk. Perhaps you can, um, touch on this topic in a forthcoming edition?


    • Hey, the FS pops up again! You know I’m a touchy-feely person, so I’ll do my very best to acquiesce. I’m about to pop that loaf of bread in the oven. Come on over for dinner!


  4. And the score is: Hercules-2, Lions-0. They’re looking up at him with ‘stunned’ admiration, Bert.


  5. Bert

    A big muscly guy with a club is usually Hercules. He had a couple of run-ins with lions.


  6. Rob C

    I could bring down the tone by saying how much I love a pair of knockers, but I won’t, just this once 🙂



  7. Wow, a pissotta so special it needs to be protected with a gate! I love that sea creature door knocker/handle.


  8. Andrew

    The last one is a very camp guy. Do you think it’s meant to be Daniel in the lions’ den? The shell says perhaps not.


  9. Michelle

    Had me worried…in this country “knockers” mean something else entirely.
    Ha, ha.


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