It was an extremely cold day when Julie and I visited Treviso. What I saw there made me decide to have a longer visit when the weather is warmer.

Here is just a small sample.

I really liked the design of this sun dial, but it was too overcast to tell the time by it

There were a number of sculptures near or in the water ways.

She is reminiscent of an ancient sculpture that was once a fountain

"Something's missing from my life."

His feet look cold!



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14 responses to “Treviso

  1. julie

    Lovely Yvonne ! don’t remember seeing those boobs !


  2. It’s an absolute ripper of a city, Linda, public boobs and all!


  3. Looks like a good day trip from Venice….the friend going with me this year wants to explore a few places near Venice….
    I didn’t realize there was so much water or public boobs….looks interesting!!
    (public boobs of the female type…not just dopey boobs…..)


  4. Michelle

    Hmmm…maybe a sunny day in November..
    Love the one of the fish jumping out of the water!


  5. I love Treviso. The waterwheels, the clear waters of the Sile in which you can see fish swimming, the mushroom market and radicchio in the Winter.

    All of the above, plus you lighting candles for us there in the Duomo. Cheers to you Yvonne!


  6. What an intriguing place. I love the sculptures.


  7. Rob C

    Being a Mallard is not all it’s Quacked up to be!



  8. For sure, Jan. And as you always wisely advise people, do some research before you go. It’s so close to Venice, an easy, short train ride. I’ll see you there.


  9. Looks nice, should really visit,


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