Calle Larga dei Boteri, Cannaregio

You’ll find this calle (street) parallel to Fondamenta Nove, in Cannaregio. The name derives from botte, which means barrel. Boteri means barrel makers. (Thank you, Daniela and Giancarlo.)

As far as I can translate, it reads something like  Titian, in this house had served. Latin scholars, feel free to clarify this.


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6 responses to “Calle Larga dei Boteri, Cannaregio

  1. I have a couple of the maps from the tourist bureau, they’re not half bad. One was very torn at the folds, but had oodles of notes on it. So, I’ve had it laminated and it’s on the wall by my right shoulder as I sit at the computer.

    I like the measles analogy!


  2. F A B U L O U S…..I love the brick work on top of the building.
    My map is starting look as if it has measles…..I’ll be going on quit the treasure hunt!


  3. Yes, I think the translation is “Tiziano Vecellio lived in this house”.


  4. Benjie

    Colere can also mean to inhabit!


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