Three lamps and a frilly altana

Sounds a bit like a song title from the 50’s, doesn’t it! “A white sport coat, and a pink carnation.”

Away up high



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7 responses to “Three lamps and a frilly altana

  1. I have altana envy!


  2. The first and second lamps were on a very timeworn palazzo in Cannaregio, Ellen.

    I think a person could devote each trip to just one theme, and never run out of wonders to admire in Venice. Yes, go back!


  3. Some of those lamps look like they need a little tightening don’t they. The lamps…oh the lamps in Venice…I didn’t take any photos of them and I have not excuse! Just means I need to go back and take some.

    I really like the first shot you have posted because of the texture behind the lamp.


  4. Me too. Problem is I can’t remember all the words.
    I like the lamp with the fancy bracket.


  5. Michelle

    And now you have that song playing in my head….


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