When neighbours can’t agree on colours

Maybe the people on the left were looking at paint colour samples, and just couldn’t decide.

Or, a case of “I ran out of paint.”

PLEASE, everyone, read Erla’s post today, on the topic of the monster cruise ships and their impact on Venice.




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10 responses to “When neighbours can’t agree on colours

  1. Hi, it’s so nice to read your post on this building in Venice! It is actually my neighbours house.. The company in charge of the painting work had to quit and work on a difficult and dangerous restoration nearby.. Thei’re going to finish in a couple of weeks..
    If you want to be updated on Venice please visit http://iedartsmanagement.wordpress.com/
    New posts on culture, lifestyle and the city iteself!!

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  2. That’s me, Sig., little Ms Cool! 😉

    Have you noticed any significant drop-off in stray tourists in your district?


  3. Sig. Nonloso

    Wow, Yvonne, you managed to capture a Before and After comparison in just a single photo! Very cool.


  4. Re: Erla’s post … Venice has truly got a tiger by the tail with those darned monster cruise ships.


  5. Boy I wish we knew the real story!
    Noe I’m off to read the link to Erla’s article…..


  6. I must say that the lines are very neat and straight!


  7. Michelle

    I was thinking the “I can’t afford more paint”…or I won’t trust that guy in the paint department at Home Depot(insert your favorite “big box” store) ever again.”


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