Palm Sunday

If you happen to be in Venice for Palm Sunday, have a look at the notices you will see posted on church doors or message boards, to find out where the (many) Palm Sunday parades will be held. They are fun, and quite moving, with music, singing and prayers. I still have a small piece of the ‘palm’ I was given in Cannaregio.

On Calle Larga, Cannaregio. They were headed towards Madonna dell' Orto

Note the young lad holding the music for the guitar player. Someone tossed me a small branch of an olive tree



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12 responses to “Palm Sunday

  1. Caroline

    Hi Yvonne. As long as we don’t make it a permanent excuse for being lazy! Yes, we moved to our long-term rental flat last Wednesday, I got all the bags unpacked by the end of Thu, but… sadly still no camera 😦 I can only think it must have accidentally gone into one of the bags of things I weeded out of our suitcases, on our last day in the UK, at Phil’s cousin’s, when I was frantically trying to bring them all down to c.23kg. I must email Cathy & ask if she can find it, in which case Phil’s parents can bring it out in June. For now, Phil has got an Italian mobile phone with a camera but the images aren’t great – that what the view from our altana (!) on his blog was taken with.


    • Hello, Caroline (although I suspect/hope you’re off in dreamland right now). The photo taken by the camera is quite satisfactory to keep us satisfied … for now. I do hope you track down the real one, though.


  2. Isn’t that a wonderful thought “there’s always next year”. The churches quite often have neat things happening, do keep an eye out for their notices. (Including San Marco, the Frari and Salute.)

    I can’t answer your question about the use of olive branches, maybe someone local can tell us.

    If I remember correctly, you have taken up your fixed abode. Now, you’ll find your camera, and keep us happy with photos from your new city. Bliss.


  3. Caroline

    What a shame – didn’t see this in time not to have a long lie-in this morning and miss everything! The only procession I’d read about (via a parish mailing when we were staying in our 2nd holiday flat at San Basilio) involved ‘il ritrovo dell’angelo’ at San Angelo Raffaele then a procession to a sister church (S. Niccolo I think), starting at 10. This sounded intriguing & I quite liked the idea of going along to see what there was to see, but when the alarm went at 6 & I discovered it was very grey & cold, we decided we weren’t *that* bothered. Then spent the parts of the morning we were awake hearing lots of bells and intermittent singing. All over by the time we were up 😦 Ah well there’s always next year!

    Out on a walk later, though, I did notice various people carrying what I thought were rather withered laurel/bay branches but now realise were probably olive branches, like yours. So do these stand in for palms in Italy generally – do you know? Growing up in the UK we got crosses woven out of strips of dried palm leaves and just assumed that was the custom everywhere – well, in western Europe anyway.


  4. Lynda

    One of my favourite memories of Venice – being in the shower and hearing the Easter music from down below….I opened up the window and watched the procession while being baptized by the shower overhead….still have my piece of palm too.


    • That, and Castelrotto, are the two things about your visit that I remember most, Lynda. Oh, and your reaction when we got off the Alilaguna boat at the Madonna dell’ Orto stop . I knew then you’d like Venice!


  5. Michelle

    And that was the Sunday morning in 2010 that you saw Kathleen and I off at the train….it was Palm Sunday and there was a procession near the train station too.


  6. Great location to stay in Venice.


  7. Hi, Daniel. No, I was in an apartment with an entry off Calle Groppi. It had windows overlooking Calle Larga, also. No gatti to be seen!


  8. How festive!
    Are the pictures taken from the house with the whimsical “Attenti alla gatta” sign?


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