Just a quickie!

I saw this in the Ghetto, and wasn’t quite sure how to take the message!



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10 responses to “Just a quickie!

  1. For sure, Rob, and it would do us the world of good. But, why stop at one week?


  2. Rob C

    What I fancy is another week in Venice, anyone else?



  3. Hi, Rob, Michelle, Darlene, Andrew and Pat

    See? It all depends on your interpretation!


  4. Pat

    Sorry “A little bit of WHAT YOU fancy does you good!”


  5. Pat

    Everyone is missing Yvonne’s point! LOL!!!

    “A little bit of fancy does you good!”

    Now I don’t think that Y was thinking of nonfat chocolate! 😉


  6. Andrew

    In the UK press there have been reports that chocolate is calorie neutral, whatever that means.


  7. Goodie! Goodie! That means I can eat chocolate every day!!!


  8. Michelle

    Note, I did hear an American (they were so obvious) ask for an “iced, decaf non fat latte” at a cafe in Roma….the waiter just rolled his eyes.


  9. Michelle

    You can say Americans…we know who we are.
    I must say I have never, never asked for a “decaf non fat latte” even at home let alone while traveling. But then I tend to indulge myself in more than a little bit of what I fancy.
    Sugar free chocolate as my supervisor said is just “so wrong”. Next thing you know there will be chocolate free chocolate for those who are allergic to chocolate!
    That proprieter wants everyone’s business.


  10. Rob C

    It looks like they’re trying to cater to the various tourist with food ‘restrictions’ (note I din’t say Americans 🙂 )

    Sugar Free chocolate? Not necessary, and usually loaded with laxative sweeteners !!



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