More about the dangerous part of Venice

This is the one out in the eastern area, where you  take your life into your own hands, if you dare venture there. (Is that OK, Sig. Nonloso? Will this help preserve your peaceful paradise?)

It is a rather modern district, so I was not too surprised to find this modern art decorating a house.

This was on an upper balcony. That is the only kind of spider I'd like near me.

The gate leading into the same home

And, close-ups of some of the elements of the gate.

This wild neighbourhood has its own Carabinieri outpost. They may get danger money for the time they must serve here.

But, there is at least one inhabitant struggling to inject some degree of civilization into the district.



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16 responses to “More about the dangerous part of Venice

  1. Bert

    I found the door, but I can’t make out the number. I wonder if the street name means a small wooden shoe.


    • Calle del Sabotino … according to sabotino means something a little more sinister! It may be from the verb sabotare (to sabotage), and also may be the 3rd person plural subjective or imperative.

      Does this not serve to emphasise the dangers inherent in that district!


  2. I think Steven is surviving. He’s got the street smarts to do it in that neighbourhood, OY.


  3. Other Yvonne

    I’ve been worried about Steven, I don’t remember seeing him post lately. Steven you haven’t been abducted have you? 🙂
    Now Spiders!! That’s it I’m not going.


  4. Craig Bleakley

    Hey, That first guy’s got a big ol’ fish stuck to his forehead.
    Or maybe he just thinks about fishing a lot?
    Or maybe it is a cyclops. Wearing specially crafted fish-shaped sunglasses. Sunglass? Singular?
    A dangerous AND confusing neighborhood. Gives me the heebee jeebees.


    • Aha, the return of the prodigal FS! Trust you to turn up when the dangerous part of the job is over. To show your good faith, and to be considered in the will, your task is to go deep into that territory, and bring back some proof you’ve been there. Ciao, FS.


  5. Should you have been there?????


  6. Thank you for this warning, a true public service. If I do find myself in the area, I shall be “packing heat” i.e., pepper spray!


  7. Bert

    I’ll bet that gate/door cost a pretty penny! Even back in 1977 [see bottom left-hand corner of third photo].
    Any ideas about the subject matter? The first close-up suggests Jack and the Beanstalk or the Cyclops, or what happens if you drink too much, or perhaps a wannabe van Gogh. And is the fourth the evils of drink again, or Romeo and Juliet (as Ken Russell might have imagined them)?


  8. Michelle

    Another keeper for my next trip. I’ll take my chances.


  9. What an amazing door! I don’t remember seeing this one? Thanks Yvonne, just enough information to find this place in May : )
    Have a good day!


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