Parco Groggia, Cannaregio

You’ll find this park in the upper, outer quadrant of Cannaregio, off  Calle del Capitello. It was a gloomy, cool day in early January when I wandered through. It must look very lovely when the sun is out. I had the place all to myself, except for the odd piece of statuary.

This could be a nice place to take your picnic lunch, it’s shady and there are a few benches to rest for a little while.


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14 responses to “Parco Groggia, Cannaregio

  1. Bert! If you’re there, what props do you need? The laurel wreath is optional. 🙂


  2. What a wonderfully quirky place! I notice that there is an empty pedestal availalble for a bust of Bert when he gets there!


  3. Other Yvonne

    We’ll keep our eyes open for this odd trio when we out in the “Hood”.


  4. Would be especially lovely on a sunny day.


  5. Bert

    Has Jan got really heavy feet? 🙂


  6. Looks lovely Yvonne, think I ‘ll give it a visit when I am there,


  7. You are so right, Big Al! And, it’s far off the beaten path, so privacy is almost guaranteed! Are you still up the coast?


  8. Yvonne….looks like a tough crowd for a comedian….no humor on those faces…lol!


  9. Al

    You know it’s all very simple Yvonne…you just have to go back when the sun is out! Lovely place to sit and relax and to contemplate.


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