Corte Lovo



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17 responses to “Corte Lovo

  1. giorgia

    un ringraziamento particolare a colui che ha reso fiorita la corte del lovo.Grazie Romano da Sabrina e Giorgia


  2. Lynda

    What a lovely corner of Cannaregio….how come we missed it when i was there?


  3. You are most welcome, Susie-Q!! Another really neat one is If it works for you (I’m not having any luck, must be some toggle not thrown on my computer!), you can do virtual walks all over Venice. (Now, you have Bert’s secret weapon in your hands!)


  4. It’s in Cannaregio, Susie, not all that easy to describe how to get there.

    Do you use this site

    You can search by street, or by sestiere and then street number, if you know that. Give it a try, and see if you can locate Corte Lovo.


  5. Positively idyllic. I could see having a little table and a couple of chairs out there for morning coffee, afternoon drink, etc. Is this in Castello? Where is Bert when a girl needs him?


  6. What a pretty little lane to come home to.


  7. Michelle

    indeed lovely.


  8. Hi Yvonne, I love that place! So pretty in springtime. I will see it again in May. Have a nice day!


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