Rio Terà de le Colonne

You will find this treasure trove in the sestiere of San Marco, and it’s another case of … look up.



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11 responses to “Rio Terà de le Colonne

  1. The lion is up rather high, and so is Michelangelo. I think the latter is around the corner, where you’ll find all the other treasures (if they haven’t fallen off in the meantime!)


  2. I went there many times and took many pictures but I never noticed that little lion on the angle! I also missed Michalangelo’s head. Is it on the same building?
    Have a good day Yvonne!


  3. “Look up. Look waaaay up.” The friendly giant? No, Yvonne with her camera.


  4. Pat

    I was wondering about the boob also LOL!


  5. OMG…..The fifth one down is so over the top!! I wonder whose boob it’s commemorating??
    I just love these and the one’s you posted yesterday. I do spend a lot of time looking up when I’m in Venice. I would love a hovercraft of some sort….lol.
    Bert you just have to go in May….and BRING a camera!!


  6. Isn’t it wonderful! You’ll have to go there, for sure, in May. It’s all in one small area, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. And, why a reference to Michelangelo, indeed? What about the 5th one down? And, that lion on the corner.

    No civic number, I have to leave you some challenges, Bert. Happy, happy hunting.


  7. Bert

    O!M!G! Yvonne! How can you do this!? So much stuff in such a small space! [Strictly speaking some of it is in the next street – Calle de le Straze, or Calle de le Strazze, if you prefer, but let’s not quibble.]
    Who would have thought you’d find a plaque to Michelangelo in Venice? But he was there in 1494, apparently. I wonder if the plaque marks the house he stayed in. I’ve looked at the other photos on vc, but not found the plaque. You didn’t happen to make a note of the civic number, did you?


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