Hey! Movie buffs!

While I was prowling around in Venice, I couldn’t help but be aware that yet another movie was being filmed there.

This time it was one with an excellent cast of (mainly) English actors, including Emma Thompson, who was also the writer.

Yes, I’m talking about Effie. And, to quote from movieinsider.com,  The story centers on the epic scandal surrounding the marriage between John Ruskin, the eminent Victorian art critic, and Effie Gray. As her husband begins to lose his mind, Effie has to make sure that she is not subject to scandal because of a love affair with John Everett Millais, the young artist who is the darling of her husband’s critical eye.

Erla (she of the blog I Am Not Making This Up) and her husband had parts as extras, you can read about her experience here:  http://iamnotmakingthisup.net/12516/venice-starring-me/

The nearest I got to fame and fortune was being turned back from a calle or bridge that was blocked to access as shooting took place, and then to notice this scene from afar. We will all no doubt spot that lovely old sailed vessel in whatever scene was being shot, when we go to the movie. And, spare a thought for your faithful reporter, hanging off the edge of a vaporetto stop, to get these exclusive photos just for you.

Oh, if you get to Chioggia, you’ll see quite a number of these boats, with their distinctive sails.



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8 responses to “Hey! Movie buffs!

  1. Al, at last, someone who understands the sacrifices made. You don’t happen to have an address for Emma, do you?


  2. Al

    Can you believe the cheek of it? You risk life and limb, not to mention the fact that you could have dropped your camera…to bring us inside info’, and they didn’t offer you a leading role! Oh well, at least you can say “I was there”!


  3. Andrew

    They must have found another lady in red. Be quicker off the mark next time, Y.


  4. Other Yvonne

    Well, I think you should have been offered, at least, a part in the movie.
    After all, you have the ability to do stunt work!!


  5. Now we all have to go to the movie just to see the boat.


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