Always look up, and around




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14 responses to “Always look up, and around

  1. It’s on Amazon for sure, Yvonne. I think you’ll like it. There’s lots of good stuff to find, just in Cannaregio.

    Buona notte!


  2. Hello, Tired in Lethbridge! 🙂

    Secret Venice is a great little book, published by Thomas Jonglez and Paola Zoffoli. You might like to get it, to prepare for your next trip to Venice. It’s chock full of out-of-the -ordinary information about Venice.


  3. Other Yvonne

    Tired tonight, could you save me the search for “Secret Venice”. I’m afraid I won’t see it for the dust. Blog? Website?
    Thx OY


  4. Hi, OY. Usually it’s the carnivores that have the upper claw/fang in the paterae, so this one is a puzzle.


    • That patera reminded me of the paterae outside of Carmini. I recall that those paterae depicted birds pecking at fish and mammals and I was rather struck by them.

      Yvonne, check out what “Secret Venice” has to say about them, I just did!


  5. Other Yvonne

    So in the last picture, the lion is Venice power, so do the birds symbolize some kind of dominance over Venice?


  6. Don’t forget to look down as well or you might miss ammonites!

    Bert you are amazing!


  7. Bert

    OK. I’m first! The first image is S Josaphat, in a campo near the Riva degli Schiavoni. The third image I saw in the last couple of days for the first time when I was looking for one of your other photos. It is near the Spirito Santo church. The last one could be one of several similar paterae, but it is the one at the end of a gruesome fondamenta.


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