A most humble bridge

Despite its unprepossessing appearance, this staunch little bridge is doing a good job!



Filed under Venice

8 responses to “A most humble bridge

  1. Other Yvonne

    Not unlike us over 50 gang, a brace here, a strap there…and we keep on ticking. I know 50!!! try 60….70. Poor me 😦


  2. Bert

    You don’t need me for this one, Susie! Just let your mouse hover over the photo – Yvonne has left the answer there.


  3. I hope Bert checks in to tell us where it is located!


  4. I don’t think that bridge was built by your old friend, Sig. Layet do you?


  5. Barb

    That’s quite an interesting engineering job, isn’t it? But I am sure that the folks who must use it everyday are very glad it works!


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