Tramonto (sunset) in Atherton

After what seemed like weeks of rain and grey skies, it has started to clear up. This has lead to some very stunning sunsets here in the Tablelands. These photos were all taken within a period of a few minutes one evening.



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9 responses to “Tramonto (sunset) in Atherton

  1. So glad you posted these photos. We seldom have dramatic sunsets like these here in the Ohio river valley.


    • We often get sunsets that take your breath away. If you know my morning routine, you’ll know I’m not qualified to comment on sunrises, Suzzanna. Your full moon paintings are lovely!


  2. Wow, I am so glad you had your camera handy!


  3. Michelle

    It is indeed cockeyed weather. Yesterday morning this area got pockets of snow (not at my place) and then the rest of the day was lovely if unseasonably cool.
    And just when you think you have the perfect sunset picture it gets even better. Nature is more magnificent than anything a painter could ever do.


  4. The weather is so cockeyed, Jan.


  5. Looks lovey,we could do with some of your rain, , warning of drought here, now that’s’ a turn around,


  6. It looks like something one of the old masters would have painted. The sky was achingly beautiful that evening.


  7. What lovely skies….reminds me of my old Arizona sunsets.
    My favorite is the bottom photo…… mystic pink!


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