Move over, Canova!

An art lover of my acquaintance rhapsodises over the beautiful bottoms that Antonio Canova created in his sculptures. I have to agree with his judgment.

In Dorsoduro, I noticed this bricked in archway or portal.

When I went closer, here is what I saw. I think Canova would be proud to claim that as his work!

To read about a convert to Canova, follow this link.

(I didn’t know he had done a nude statue of Napoleon!)

Or, have a look at this blog site, for his Three Graces.



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25 responses to “Move over, Canova!

  1. Hello, Jones mob (well only 2 of you, so maybe duo is a better term). If only my bottom looked like that!

    Venice not only has many layers, but I think she has been good at ‘liberating’ nice things from elsewhere.


  2. Caroline

    Yvonne, we are following you around! We were out yesterday afternoon completing walk 12 from ‘Strolling Through Venice’, and suddenly there was your bottom! (so to speak ๐Ÿ™‚ ) It seems very incronguously located, doesn’t it – and quite incongruous for Venice in style too? I wonder what building was there and whether the sculpture was previously looted from somewhere else altogether?

    The interior of our new bank (Unicredit in Campo S. Angelo) features what look to my (fairly untrained) eye more like a Roman arch & pillars, so I’ve been speculating whether they came from somewhere else to form part of a previous grand building on the site.

    Venice has so many layers!


  3. Oh, brilliant, Linda! I never knew where to file that kind of stuff: miscellaneous, walls, doors, architecture?? “Fill in the blanks” is perfect. Some re-filing to do now.

    I love that bum, also.


  4. Whoa that’s one helluva BUM!!

    I love that wall… belongs in my category of ‘fill in the blanks’… on my favorite aspects of Venezia…….

    Thanx dear Yvonne!


  5. Sig. Nonloso

    According to Joyce’s alter-ego in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, once you find yourself thinking about patting the behind of an old sculpture you have definitely left the realm of aesthetic judgement well, um, behind. But in spite of what Stephen Dedaelus might say, perhaps that’s really not such a bad thing, is it?

    Unless you’re Von Aschenbach in Death in Venice…


    • Good morning (although you’ll soon be on your way to dreamland)! Well, there are a few of us who have left that aesthetic judgment well and truly behind, Sig. N.L.S. It’s so difficult, keeping one’s hands to oneself, around Canova’s sculptures.


  6. Oh, for sure, Shell! At least seven years worth. ๐Ÿ™‚

    How are you, floating around like Melissa seems to be?


  7. If I could reach, I’d definitely be tempted to pat it. Surely it’s good luck.


  8. Caroline

    I didn’t know there was a version of the Three Graces at the Hermitage – in case anyone’s interested and in Britain, the one I know is shared between London and Edinburgh. When I was last in Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland a couple of months ago, it was there.


    • Now, I wonder if the one in the Hermitage is a copy? Does anyone know?


      • PhilJ

        It’s not actually a copy – it’s an original Canova, but he did a number of versions of the same piece (I couldn’t say how many though).

        (BTW your title reminded me of a line in a Jimi Hendrix song – “Move over Canova, and let Jimi take over!”)


      • Hi, Phil

        Thanks for the added information about the Three Graces. The image of Jimi Hendrix as a faux Canova is one that will linger in my mind’s eye for awhile!


  9. I smile to notice all the comments come from the female gender!

    So, are you saying it’s wet down there??


  10. Melissa

    Wow, all this talk of male bottoms has got me all hot under the collar!!

    Can’t stick around here for too long, I’ve got to get back to building the ark!!!


  11. Other Yvonne

    Football players, baseball players, male figure skaters…….

    That Napoleon, he got up to all sorts…!
    Thought I’d throw a little Canadian at you, just for the memories.


  12. They dance at the ballet????


  13. Michelle

    And people think I go to the ballet for the dancing. Ha!


  14. Very voluptuous, very pat-able bottoms. Now, I’d like to see the nude Napoleon, and check his gluteals.


  15. You really did mean bottoms!


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