Bonsai in Castello

“Bonsai is a living art form, an art form that continues to develop across more than one life time.” (from an internet site)

While exploring a small corner of Castello, near Campo Ruga, I found a home with a proud show of bonsai in every window on the 2 visible sides.

I loved this gnarled trunk.

The ‘artist’ has made clever use of a piece of rock.

It was a bitterly cold day, yet here were some lovely blossoms, heralding the coming of spring. The whole display must look so pretty in spring and summer.





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19 responses to “Bonsai in Castello

  1. Absolutely, Linda. Better late than never.


  2. Yvonne I know how you feel…the more time I spend in Venice the more the more I find….and it’s difficult being away!
    Aren’t we lucky that we found her???


  3. Yvonne I’ll have to go over to that area again…..and find more treasures. I’m always amazed that I can return to any area and find new things all over again…..that’s VENEZIA!!


  4. Unfortunately you don’t remember the exact place where you took this pictures, do you? I would be very curious to go there now and see this bonsai…


    • Buongiorno, Daniela! It was quite near Campo Ruga, I seem to remember. Certainly in that small area of Castello bounded by Rio Delle Vergine, Rio San Daniel and Rio di S. Anna. There is so much of interest in that tiny area!

      Good luck, how I wish I was there to show you.


  5. Your photos on that post are, as always, so interesting and vibrant! Isn’t that part of Castello wonderful? What a shame, we were probably in Venice at the same time in 2011 and didn’t know.
    Ciao, Danielle.


  6. I know this place once time I photographed one of these windows.
    I love this “sestieri”
    I’m glad to see at Primavera, thanks Yvonne
    You can see if you want my post in March 2011…where I walked by there.
    A presto


  7. And, think of the lovely sketches you’ll do later!


  8. You just discovered the only Japanese-Venetian…….what a story!!
    Very interesting display……gives me an idea of what I can photograph next November while I’m in Venice.
    “Things in windows or on display”……..


  9. That must have been something special to see, OY.


  10. Other Yvonne

    They have a wonderful display of Bonsai at Lazise, Garda Lake during the Festival of the Birds in October. Really is proof life will persevere under many conditions. I think they are beautiful.


  11. Michelle

    Someone has taken a lot of loving care with those trees. I had a little bonsai tree that was given to me along with the proper sheers (scissors) and an instruction book. But they can’t live indoors and I moved and let a “friend” take care of it. Nuff said.
    I’ll keep an eye out for them.


  12. Sometimes I think I like Bonsai and other times I think it’s a terrible desecration of a living thing.


  13. It truly was a wonderful surprise, Susie. I’d love to speak to the person responsible, and find out all about their work, how long they’ve done it, when they started, and so on. Gosh, a person would have to be so patient, eh?


  14. What an interesting and beautiful sight on such a cold day. Thanks for sharing it Yvonne.


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