Signs and time

This old sign sets out a by-law from 1982, reminding you of the punishment for ‘abandoning’ or dumping your rubbish just any old place.

The up to date version, which seems neither as classy nor as sturdy as the old one. And, someone has written something, no doubt highly complimentary, on the bottom. It looks like ‘suca’.  Can anyone hazard a guess as to what they meant?  Maybe it’s Venetian for “Have a good day”?

Now, this one had me fooled. I thought “No parking? But, there are no cars here.” Then, I had a second look. These people don’t want any junk mail, thank you.

OK, this is how it should be spelled, to advertise the presence of a delicatessen.

But, someone has gone to considerable bother to alter this sign to their way of thinking. I think it must be a relatively old sign, with incised letters originally, including the easier to chisel “V” for a “U”. But, why the defiant “A”, covering and replacing the correct “E”?? Was the new owner married to a Maria? We may never know. Every time I walked past, I paused to take a look and smile and wonder.



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9 responses to “Signs and time

  1. Bert wrote to a friend of his in Venice, about the salumeria/salumeria signs. Here is the answer:
    “For shure “salumaria” is local language. Not necessarely from Venice, where it would be told “salamaria”. The shop owner could have been from somewhere in the Mainland. Porks where not grown in town, since a long time. Or at less not such in a number to feed a salami dealer.”


  2. Hi, Darlene. That was in Cairns, and the signs remains the same! I wonder how many people have told them about the wee error?


  3. The best sign ever had to be the one we saw when we were with you in Sydney at the food court – the stand that was selling crepes but spelled it craps.


  4. “Suca” in Venetian dialect means “zucca” (pumpkin) or better “zuccone” in Italian language. A proper translation in English would be “blockhead”, or “stupid” or even “ignorant”. Therefore it’s not a nice word to say to a Venetian….


  5. Caroline

    Hi Yvonne. I wonder if the 2nd one could be a play on words, conflating ‘salumeria’ & something like ‘Hail Mary’?


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