Splendour in the Glass



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20 responses to “Splendour in the Glass

  1. Andrew

    Lovely pics as usual Yvonne. We’ve booked to go in November ( Salute Festival) with 2 friends.Yoo-hoo. Self-catering for the first time in 34 years! So cheap! Flights £101 each. Apartment £92 each for the week. Can’t believe it.


  2. Jo

    Hi Yvonne – I love this workshop, I took some photos in December but the light was not good. These give the lamps a really jewel like quality – thanks. Jo


  3. It was just above the door, as we came in from outside. We were probably a) too cold, or b) gabbing too much to notice!


  4. julie

    lovely Yvonne .. I never saw these or…. noticed the one in your apartment !


  5. I agree, Mary! Shed that darn house that doesn’t fit the cesendello (thanks for the correct word), and find one that deserves it!


  6. MaryK

    Looking at these reminds me that I bought a wonderful glass lamp (cesendello) from my favourite glass shop Genninger on one of our first ever visits. It was hideously expensive – particularly by the time it got shipped home- but every day I looked at it hanging in our hallway and was so glad that I had. It was my own very beautiful piece of beautiful Venetian craftsmanship.

    We sold that house, and took it with us – but it’s sadly still sitting in its own special box as I’ve nowhere to hang it in our new house. Maybe we should move!


  7. Yes, they’re a touch fragile! But, pretty.


  8. They’re so lovely. I bought some glass rings in Venice. They were beautiful, but broke eventually.


  9. They’re so very exquisite, very tempting. There was one in the entry to my apartment, I liked that.


  10. Michelle

    Added to my list! Wish I could afford to buy a mini version for my home.


  11. Barb

    Sigh….one more lovely thing added to my “Don’t forget to see” list! Yvonne, at this rate I’ll hardly have time to sleep or eat during my way too short visit.


  12. You’ve given me my early morning chuckle Susie. What would we know about spritz, anyhow? 🙂

    Those lamps were outside a shop near Fondamenta Nove.


  13. When I saw the title of this post, I immediately thought the photos would be of spritzes! How déclassé of me.

    Those glass pieces are beautiful aren’t they?


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