Coffee shop with a past

The next time you stop for coffee in this place in Campo  Santa Maria Formosa, take a look around and recall its function many years ago.

It was used to hold bodies found during the night, in the days when it probably was not too safe to have enemies, nor to go abroad at night.

Make mine a macchiatone, per favore. Grazie, Fausto.



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24 responses to “Coffee shop with a past

  1. Jan pag

    Brilliant! This has been our local most times as we usually stay nearby – and like the Cafe del Doge and the spritz that they serve. We even braved it during the freeze in February. I had always assumed that it was a workman’s hut or something to do with boat storage. I love sitting there with a book but not reading, watching the fantastic fashions walk past and guessing the nationality before you can hear what language they speak. I wish I was there now although at 7:30 am it is a bit early for a spritz!


  2. Sig. Nonloso

    And ps: my mother has been looking for someone else to take the blame for me for quite a lot of years, so she’ll be thrilled to have you confirm she simply came across a child someone else had “misplaced.”


  3. Sig. Nonloso

    But it looks so pleasant these days! I never would have known. What great info!


  4. And, next time, it won’t be a Mini Ice Age, with any luck, Julie. It would be lovely in mild weather, for sure.


  5. julie

    Wish i’d known about the coffee shop too, next on my list !


  6. How do you find out all these tidbits of Venitian history?


  7. Other Yvonne

    Venice by Yvonne 101…or is that 001. Another wonderful little nugget!
    Also, a big thanks for the youtube link to Venice 24/7.


  8. How many times have I wandered by this and had no idea of it’s past use? I have always admired the quirky little building though. Great post Yvonne, thanks.


  9. Brian

    Yvonne, please come to Venice at the end of May – beginning of June.


  10. Brian

    I’ve got to remember this. It’s always cool when you can sit down with students at a place like this and say “By the way…”.


  11. Michelle

    Ah, I should make that my local on my trip. Love a place with a past.


  12. I haven’t had any coffee or wine there, now I’d better go in next time.


  13. I ‘ve had many a glass a Vino from there, , now we know,


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