These ancient lintels from doorways have now been pressed into duty as part of the fabric of a wall. I was just pondering how long it would take to chisel out the numbers, in those long ago days. The fellows who did it would have had plenty of time to think. Little did they know that centuries later we would be looking at the fruits of their hard work.  To me, it is another form of artistry preserved in Venice.



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4 responses to “Recycling

  1. This would be a nice Valentine or friendship card – since X means hugs in slang!


    • Now, that’s a neat idea! I use “X” for kisses, either way it would take love with it, eh?

      In many areas of Venice, you have probably noticed the old Roman numerals alongside the modern ones. I like that these seem backwards, we’d put the X’s first.


  2. Other Yvonne

    I’ve read articles that say “see it before it’s gone”, “visit before the sea claims this precarious city” . I have a feeling Venice will be standing strong
    long after our plastic society is recycled.


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