Hidden in plain view

How many times had I walked past the entry to this place, not knowing what wonders it held? It is right near Florian’s and the signs at the door indicate it is home to Police offices. I surely would never have gone in there, if it were not for the kind guidance of Fausto and “The Lord of the Wells.”

So, walk past Florian’s, find the door leading to various police offices, and walk into this place of wonders. It belongs to the Correr museum. You’ll find many objects stored there, waiting for restoration work or perhaps just because there is no other place for them right now. This is where I saw many of the ammonites in the red marble. If you look closely, or enlarge this photo, you’ll spot some of them.

This is a plan of the various rooms, full of treasures to look at, and to wonder about. It’s huge!

The Lord of the Wells showed us this vera da pozzo with due reverence. It is very ancient, very beautiful. Who else has admired this, so many centuries ago? Who made it? Who used it?

Hidden behind sheets of plastic, fragments of mosaics.

There were statues:

At first glance, a winged female, with an elephant.

But, look! The elephant has rather strange feet. And, just look at the detail of the sandals on the feet of that female.

A Venetian lion of San Marco, with the open book.

And, a very time-worn lion.

Where has this come from?

And, this.

I have so many more photos from the short time we spent there. But, it really warrants a visit in person, if you can, and if you are interested.

A lifetime is simply not enough to explore what Venice has to show us.



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21 responses to “Hidden in plain view

  1. In fact, you probably picked up the pace as you went by, Christie. 🙂


  2. christy

    ….been by there so many times but never went in since we have had no reason to see the polizia. 😉


  3. Susie L

    Another eye opening post Yvonne!


  4. Thank you very much for sharing your photos!!! And when you mentioned that you have many more photos my heart skipped a beat. I can hardly wait to see them. Thank you so much.


    • Hello, Joanie, and welcome. I hadn’t intended to continue once I was back at home, but there are quite a number of people out there who do like Venice, it seems. So, I’ll keep sharing for awhile.


  5. Other Yvonne

    I also love wellheads, this one is a beauty. One to many ombra and they will give a personal tour?!
    Yes Bert it is still me, still only 2 of us.


    • It’s kind of weird. Other Y, I went back on my own another day, and from time to time a couple of police would drift past, and look at me with that “What is she doing in here?” look.


  6. Michelle

    Definitely going on my list for November.
    Darn, I’ll only have a month!


  7. Bert

    The last photo looks like a flagstaff pedestal. It is dated 1310 at the top! 1791 below, shortly before the fall of the Republic. The three bas-reliefs are (possibly) those of three of the Scuole Grandi – Santa Maria della Carità, San Marco, and San Giovanni Evangelista – I’m guessing with the third. There is another elephant with claws in the Ca’ d’Oro. I’d love to know what the statue represents.


  8. Barb

    Treasures, treasures and more treasures! You continue to delight our eyes with your amazing finds. I believe I’ve walked by that door dozens of times, peeked in, and thought it was for “officials” only. It’s going on my list for next time which will start in 28 days.


  9. Lovely Yvonne, and so true,


  10. The door is open, Andrew. You’ll enter a long corridor, with rooms full of treasures. It’s all on the ground floor, the police offices are up stairs at various points.


  11. Andrew

    Do you just open the door and walk in, Yvonne? I want to go next time we’re there.


  12. Well, I’ll be one of your followers, for sure. You’ll bring such an artistic touch to it, Linda. (By the way, do you prefer Linda or Bailey?)


  13. Yvonee you are absolutely right….a lifetime is not enough time to explore all of Venezia!
    You’ve inspired me to start a blog about Venice….I have another blog….but I wanted one that was all about Venice…..


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