Corte del Fontego, Dorsoduro

You can discover this corte after you have had a spritz in Campo Santa Margherita. Those arches are much shorter than expected. Maybe the courtyard was lower at some stage, and has been built up.

This pissotta is not in the same area!


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8 responses to “Corte del Fontego, Dorsoduro

  1. The stories that these arches, their later infill and more modern pavement and fenestration have seen! “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” (Henri Bergson) Thanks for sharing!


  2. Those columns were not even my height, Darlene.


  3. I suspect you are right about the courtyard.


  4. Other Yvonne

    I wonder if that energy efficient window in the blk/wht pic helps keep the drafts out?
    The pissotta really does look like the ignored child 😦


  5. That sad little pissotta is in a calle off Campo Arsenale.


  6. Susie L

    Those columns do look stumpy don’t they? I always wonder what the edifice looked like before the doorways, windows, etc. were bricked up.

    That is a sad little pisotta, unlike the massive beast of Campo Sant’Agnese!


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