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9 responses to “Graffiti

  1. I know graffittiii is supposed to be bad, but I like it.


  2. Michelle

    Graffiti artists are more artistic in Venice than they are here in Seattle.
    But it is still defacing other people’s property wherever it happens. Ah, well, just people advertising their presence….like the animals we still are.

    Yes, Venice is always just a wish away…securely snuggling in a corner of my heart.


  3. Bert

    The song that was actually going through my head was “Heaven is a Place on Earth” sung by Belinda Carlisle. I don’t know how she metamorphosed into Louis Armstrong!


  4. Bert

    I think you’re right ,Yvonne.
    Maybe what it’s saying is: “We’ve got Heaven right here on Earth” (Way down yonder in New Orleans, sung by Louis Armstrong).
    Yes, it could be, if it wasn’t for all those graffiti ‘artists’ messing up the place.


  5. I’m trying to think of a way I could use pieces of colourful tiles, with graffiti, on one of my exterior walls. Does it look like it says “heaven” in the second last one?

    Yes, it definitely is a positive thing, to have something like Venice tucked away where we can pull it out, and think about whenever we want to.


  6. Yvonne…what a fun new look……I’ve always loved the dreamy Monet look to the lagoon. How are you adjusting to being home?? Don’t you find it amazing that Venice is always in the corner of your mind…..a lovely shadow?
    Thanx for the fun little Venetian puzzle pieces of graffiti…..


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