Gran Liston in Tabarro

On 8 December, we were in for another display with a difference, the Gran Liston in Tabarro, which began in the Piazza San Marco.

The tabarro is a most stylish and sensible garment for Venetian winters. It is worn with flair and verve by the lucky owners. It is a sweeping circle of a cape, worn with a toss over one shoulder.Β  A liston is a walk or promenade in the main campos and streets, in this case, in Venice.

Formerly the province of men, more women are investing in this garment. They looked so elegant. Yes, I now have tabarro envy. I wonder if I could get one made in red, rather than black?

The group, who certainly caught the attention of onlookers, walked from the piazza to Carlo Goldoni’s old house. He is considered one of the fathers of the tabarro.

From time to time, you will see one of the tabarros being worn in the streets of Venice. Your head is bound to turn, the better to follow the path of the person wearing it.


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21 responses to “Gran Liston in Tabarro

  1. Caroline

    No problem, Michelle – I’m only too aware that Scarlett is also several decades too young! Kim Cattrall is the right age & colouring but still too tall, apparently:-) For Philip, the problem with Colin Firth, to me, is the curly hair. I thought of Michael Sheen as he’s from the right part of the world, but it appears he’s too short!


    • If they could work out the height issue with Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh for Gone with the Wind I’m sure they could do something for the two of you. After all, you should have a say in the people who play you in the film.


  2. Now that I’ve met them I’ll have to do some thinking on that….but who would Caroline and Phil like to play them? They should be the ones to decide.


  3. Hi there cara Yvonne.
    In Phil’s book…Venice Project… he mentions the tabarro…and his how pricey they are.
    Just HOW expensive are these babies? Do you know?


    • I have a feeling that 3 figures would be involved, maybe starting with a 7 or 8?? I’m probably wrong, it’s something to find out this winter!

      I think they could make a movie of Phil’s book. Colin Firth and Scarlett Johanssen? (Or are they the wrong age? Any suggestions?)


      • Isn’t Scarlett something like six feet tall? Sorry to Caroline…but that would be way too tall.
        Can Colin really sing? I know he did some singing in Mama Mia.(Unlike Mr. Brosnan who cannot sing to save his soul and proved it in that Irishman who can’t sing…go figure)


      • Since when did a little thing like height pose a problem in screen casting? πŸ™‚ And, I’m sure Colin can lip sync.

        Who do you see in the roles, Michelle?


  4. Rob C

    I get my guy was there!

    The most expensive have fur linings for warmth, pair this with a fur hat and you’ll be toasty all day πŸ˜‰


  5. Aren’t they dramatic garments, Susie. And, truly, black is THE colour for them. I think the lady with the swashbuckling red feather in her hat might be the person who owns the shop where these are made. But, don’t quote me on that.


  6. Susie L

    How interesting and I love capes. I took a photograph of a most elegant gentleman in Bologna last year wearing one of these. Now I know they have a name.

    You would look smashing in one of those Yvonne. If you can’t get it in red, perhaps a red hat?


  7. Barb

    We saw several of the capes when we were there but missed the fun of seeing a whole group of them flocked together. I especially love the variety of hats. It appears that one can (and probably needs to) spend a great deal of money to get into the full swing of Carnevale.


  8. Caroline

    Hadn’t heard of these – how interesting! Phil’s black velvet opera cape didn’t make the cut for clothing to be taken with us, but maybe he’ll now want one of these instead!

    Just checked in for our flight πŸ™‚


    • Oh, Caroline. It’s really happening. It will be so interesting to hear about the rest of your journey in life!

      I can tell Phil where he can get his tabarro, and then you should really have one, also …


  9. Michelle

    PS I love your red glass heading!


  10. Michelle

    Ohhhhh, I love capes. I have a leopard print one that I may take with me to Venice. It’s not that long but it’s really toasty. I love it.


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