Just some stuff I liked

The first two fit into the category “vecchio”, which means old.

If a new broom sweeps clean, what would this one do?

This is for those of you out there who adore shoes! It always makes me a bit sad when I find one shoe discarded. What’s the story? Where is the other one?

Not my size

Sometimes you can look both ways at once.

Look both ways

I suffer from altana envy …



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13 responses to “Just some stuff I liked

  1. Sig. Nonloso

    Oh, yes, and what smarty pants comments you would have gotten! We are pretty healthy these days, just in time for allergy season that’s beginning… With all this water & these stones you’d think some parts of the city would be free of seasonal plant-based allergies.


  2. You must be getting those nice butterflies in your tummy, Linda.

    Hey, that’s a perfect theory about the shoe. Can’t you just see the owner scratching his head?


  3. The countdown begin less than two months and i will be ensconced in an apt. there! Yippee!
    I reckon that shoe was taken out by the pooch, the owner too distracted to notice.


  4. Sig. Nonloso

    Those brooms are definitely still being used here. I wonder if their use is mandated by the comune to maintain a certain “atmosphere” or if people actually prefer them to contemporary brooms. Do they work better? Or are they cheaper? Does the comune sell them at a bargain rate to encourage their use (as it offers financial incentives for people to buy wood boats)? I can’t recall if I’ve seen them in Piemonte, for example, so the only other place I clearly remember them being used is during a Metropolitan Opera Performance in NYC as part of a historical set. If you were still here, you are exactly the person I’d expect to answer such questions…


    • Hi, Sig. You know what? I’ll buy one for my next stay and give it a test drive. (Hmm, maybe that should be “test sweep”, or I’ll get smarty-pants remarks.)The stairs leading to my apartment did need a good sweep.

      Are you all nice and healthy now?


  5. Pat

    While I was in Moscow we visited a cemetary and saw those brooms apparently still being used. Our guide said they were useless………


  6. julie

    Oh the yearning Yvonne ! hoping to get back once mum leg is on the mend.

    Those “lost shoes” are rather like lost gloves too .. sad .. specially in that recent cold snap we experienced in Venice


  7. Yvonne thanx for some more wonderful nooks and crannies!!


  8. Kathleen could decorate it for me, she loves altane.


  9. Michelle

    Yes, having your own altana would be lovely.


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