The beauty of the gondola

It is absorbing to compare the decoration of individual gondolas. The gondoliers can express their individuality in many ways.

Take a close look at a few next time you have a chance. What at first glance will appear to be a fairly uniform group of craft is anything but.

If you were going to have a ride on a gondola, wouldn’t this first one be a good choice?

So very elegant

The cushion had a subtle Venetian lion on it.

"San Sebastian" and a lion

And, on another nearby gondola:

I wonder if this was made in the Foundry Valese?

Small wonder that gondolas are regarded by many as a romantic craft.



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15 responses to “The beauty of the gondola

  1. Pat

    Yes, Yvonne! Next trip concentrate on the beautiful gondolas. (or is that gondole? LOL)


  2. Bert

    There are supposed to be about 500 gondolas in Venice, so it could take a while, Kathleen. It is difficult to be sure of the correct terminology for those decorative metal parts. Some people say that they are part of the parecio, others that they are the parecio and others say that they are not part of the parecio. Certain patterns have specific names – cavalluccio marino in ottone or cavai, (brass sea-horse) and sirenette marine mitologiche da gondola (mermaids). Ask a question in Venice – get three answers.


  3. Kathleen, I did look, but never spotted it. Next time … or, you in March.


  4. Kathleen

    Yvonne, did you ever see the gondola with Buddha on? I keep looking, not found him yet….


  5. Well, you know I can give you good tips on gondolas… And gondoliers! 😉


  6. You definitely wouldn’t run out of subject matter, Michelle.


  7. Michelle

    It is amazing indeed how different they are. Maybe I can concentrate on them in November….who knows?


  8. Hi, Susie (and Mark). Maybe I’ll ignore the pissotte next time and concentrate on these beautiful boats? How are you? Busy, I expect. Ciao.


  9. Susie L

    Lovely photos and wonderful attention to detail Yvonne!


  10. Same here, only once, when Lynda came over from Montreal.


  11. Do you ride them often? I did – once only – it was lovely.


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