Next post, not last post

Words of wisdom that made me smile:  Proofread carefully to see if you any words out. Author Unknown

These folks also made me smile, on a very cold Venetian day. Their music had a sort of reggae beat!

But, this graffiti made me grumpy.

It was on the top of this venerable old well head.

Did you think I had abandoned them forever?



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15 responses to “Next post, not last post

  1. It’s another of the mysteries of Venice, Linda Sue. I guess most women did stay closer to home.


  2. I still do not understand pissottas, why so many and , well…just WHY?
    Did women stay at home, near the commode? Maybe women have better bladders?


  3. Yvonne…now that’s a twosome I haven’t seen before. What a combo….Scottish attire and reggae beat! That’s a CD I woulda bought…lol.

    I beat in some ways it’s good to be home…..catching up on all the odd necessities…going through all your photos. I take so many photos and then spend the rest of the year going through them and using them in so many other ways.
    Thanx so much for sharing………………


    • I’m cross that I didn’t record a little of their funny repertoire, Linda.

      I’m still evolving a system of managing the photos so I can find the one I just have to see again without going through every folder!


  4. Bert

    Your vera da pozzo is in front of Santa Maria Valverde, Campo de l’Abazia. At least the graffiti is on the relatively new metal lid from where it can be fairly easily removed. It looks as though the lid might need replacing soon anyway.


  5. Caroline

    Ah right – for some reason I’d assumed the time I can see here is an American time (probably because so many are, like Fodor’s)! But now realise that makes no sense at all 🙂


  6. 8:39 pm here, same day.


  7. Caroline

    Thanks for continuing to post Yvonne – we are still here & enjoying it very much, just a bit busy!


  8. That’s what my psychiatrist was saying the other day!


  9. You’re pissotta obsessed!


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