the still, clear water reflects
the clarity and pureness of everything

My reflections on water, Hema Thasapalan

Still water



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9 responses to “Reflection

  1. Hema Thasapalan

    hi, thank you for quoting from my poem, thank you for acknowledging it, your blog is lovely


  2. Bert

    I did – identify it, I mean. The name of the campo is contained within the rather odd phrasing of the last two sentences.


  3. Michelle

    Ah, so very lovely.


  4. Bert

    What a lovely photo, Yvonne! At first I had no idea where it was – the perspective is deceptive – it looks as though you are looking at a corner of a canal. I tried a couple – no luck. And then it came to me! I’ve taken a photo from almost the same spot, but looking directly at the building with the tall water-door. The campo features in Death in Venice. Shall I be bold? – oh, no, I’ll keep your secret a little longer.


  5. Susie L

    It is such a treat to see the water so still!


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