Sassy, and shadowy

I had to smile at the faces on these door bells … so cheeky. They look like they’re saying “Nyah, nyah.”

These two gondolas were casting perfect shadows into the water of the canal.

About time for a pissotta, I suppose. A fellow would run the risk of electrocution if he decided to throw caution to the wind, and make furtive use of this one.




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13 responses to “Sassy, and shadowy

  1. Hi, Rob, and thank you for the information. I wonder if they’ll notice an increase in ‘foreigners’ buying their products? The foundry I visited does this sort of thing also, and they have a retail outlet in Calle Fiubera, San Marco.


  2. Rob C

    There’s a monumental masons shop near the Fundamenta Nove vaporetto stop that does all these entry phone & bell ‘plates’ as well as funeral stuff.

    I suppose it’s the nearest stop to the Cimitero di San Michele, there are several florists down this calle too.


  3. OK, now we’ve got a good gang going. We just have to find that large person to stand in front of us and look innocent.


  4. Al

    I could happily have a selection of those doorbells and mount them on a nice background and just hang them on my wall. They are fantastic.


  5. Andrew

    I want one of those doorbells.


  6. Michelle

    And that should say “pissotta”…where’s the edit button??


  7. Michelle

    A trip to that pissotta could be “electrifying” and “shocking” and they deserve what they get.
    Love the gondola reflections. Glad to see I’m still getting a daily dose of Venice.


  8. OH I love those doorbells! So funny! Missed those…ah well, another time.


  9. Bert

    The doorbells are at Calle Larga San Lorenzo, very near to the antique street sign. I took a couple of photos of them in 2008.


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