It’s an addiction!

I really thought I’d had enough of blogging, but it seems that isn’t the case. So, I’ll continue to inflict myself upon you! Break out the popcorn and beer.

I was walking through Campo Santa Margherita, when one of those mad ceremonies for someone who had successfully passed all their exams to become a Dottore crossed my path. I couldn’t get anywhere near the lucky new graduate, but I was captivated by these shoes. See, I am a fashion maven after all.

Reaching new heights

Isn’t she one of the most elegant brides you’ve seen for awhile? And, what a setting for your wedding photos. I hope they can crop all of us onlookers out of the final product.

The groom had a minor supporting role to play!

Her gown was truly magnificent.



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31 responses to “It’s an addiction!

  1. The pavement in Venice is relatively even, but wearing high heels in some of the other towns/cities in Italy seems to be just asking for trouble.


  2. Indeed what a lovely wedding gown! Hope no diverted eyed tourist treads upon it…

    I saw many high heels in Venice and thought I would break an ankle if I wore any…but then I don’t wear high heels where I live.


  3. Luckily, the stones of the Piazzetta were dry, so that wedding dress didn’t get all wet and draggy. Both of those women are obviously of that SHOPPING breed!


  4. Love the dress and the shoes even though I would never wear heels like that.


  5. Susie L

    Your addiction is a very lucky thing for us! Thanks Yvonne and welcome home!


  6. julie

    Wait I can see him ! not sure how often it is refreshed


  7. julie

    And we are addicted too ! You must have loads of pics you have not used, we are waiting for them

    So Il Toro’s big day tomorrow … will look out for it .. there is a webcam on the Danieli Hotel but can’t see Il Toro !


  8. I thought I could resist, Andrew, but the Vixen won’t let go. Are you back home now?


    • Andrew

      Can’t remember where I said we were going ( it’s my age). We’ve just been on pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham but I don’t think I mentioned that. Off to Cape Cod in June for our son’s Civil Partnership celebrations.


  9. Andrew

    You’re back – on here I mean. Woo-hoo!


  10. I think I will, Jan. I have to move lots of photos from my little ASUS netbook, and get to work sorting them out. That way, I can continue to ignore the little piles of stuff waiting to be put away, etc.


  11. Lovely Yvonne dig back in your photo archives,


  12. It’s trying so hard to rain right now, lots of thunder, but no results. It looks wet in the Piazza right now, I guess they’re getting rained on.


  13. MaryK

    The thought of negotiating Venetian paving in those green and gold numbers is making my feet ache (and my head spin!). She must surely have just slipped them on – there’s not a scratch on them. One of the things I always notice about Venice is that almost everyone wears sensible shoes.

    Love the bride too!



  14. WOW those shoes are admirable, I mean that she can actually walk in Venice wearing them! Yikes! I trip in loafers there! what a skill!
    Love the previous post as well, the littles in their costumes- so cute! Thanks for your blog- i LOVE it!


  15. Thanks, Linda. I must get some of the chimney and altana photos sorted out and posted.


  16. Yvonne….keep ’em coming.
    We love your posts.
    I was just thinking of thongs/sandles….we have a few months of winter left here in New Jersey.


  17. It’s a global village, Bert. And, blokes wear thongs (underwear), too, don’t forget.


  18. Bert

    You don’t want to ask for thongs in the UK, Al!
    I heard that a young Australian lady on holiday in the UK asked a shop assistant if they sold thongs for babies. The shop assistant gave the lady a funny look, then said, “If it’s not on display, then we don’t have it!”
    I made the last bit up, but I was told the first bit as fair dinkum.

    In case this is all a mystery to you, what Australians call ‘thongs’, we call ‘flip-flops’ in the UK, and a ‘thong’ is a lady’s undergarment made of the minimum amount of material.


  19. Al

    It beats me how you ladies manage to balance on thin sticks like those…give me a pair of thongs any day!


  20. Pat

    Would you believe that some woman in my office wear those shoes to work???? Ugh.

    Somehow that couple does not look Italian! Beautiful!!!!!
    I wonder why whenever I travel I see weddings, but never seem to see them here at home????


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