Back to reality

Just a few images from  the last few days in Venice. Then, it’s back to the fun, fun, fun of unpacking.


Twins, Castello

This pair kept bobbing up in odd places. Which means, I must have been in some odd places!

My friend, Rita, picked me up at Cairns airport. It had been really cold on all the flights, so I was still in a woolen sweater and jeans. That didn’t last long. I even had a cooling dip in the swimming pool. What a contrast to a couple of days ago in Venice.

Just across the road from the flat where Rita’s friend lives, is the ocean. There was a handful of windsurfers having such a good time with the strong wind that was blowing.

Wind surfing, Cairns



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41 responses to “Back to reality

  1. Thanks, Al.

    I’ve got sweat running into my eyes. I agree with you: UGH.


  2. Al

    Bentornati in Australia, Yvonne. Hope by now that you are becoming adjusted to the climate. UGH! I hate the humidity. Good to see you still blogging.


  3. How many days now, Caroline? You’ll be all “abbronzata” when I get to meet you!


    • Caroline

      We fly out on the 4th, so just 13 days now! I do hope so 🙂 Mind you, I’ve just looked at the Dorsoduro webcam & it appears to be grey & rainy – hope you haven’t taken all the sunshine with you!!


  4. Caroline

    Welcome home Yvonne! Sigh… hot & humid – and a cooling dip – sounds lovely to me. We saw snow lying in a few places on the way back from Hampshire to Scotland today. Still, although Venice has a winter, at least it has a summer too, which is what I’ve missed here for the last 18 years!!


  5. Joanne Hoefer

    The windsurfing view appears to be almost the same as where I stayed at Holloways Beach last year a lovely 3 weeks spent exploring the area.


    • I wasn’t all that far away, it was at Yorky’s Knob, Joanne. A short storm blew in, but it was all over in a few minutes.


      • Joanne Hoefer

        I Loved it there I would get up early in am and walk along the beach and most evenings did the same. Not quite as charming as Venice but well worth the hassle from where I live to get there. I just wish I had more than the couple of months I had to do the north and west parts of Australia.


  6. Barb

    I was happy to see “Hello World” pop up in my e-mail. I was afraid jet-lag might keep you away for awhile.

    Good for you getting that nasty task of unpacking done so quickly. After a long trip I tend to stare at the suitcase for 2 or 3 days hoping it will unpack itself. 🙂

    While I will miss seeing the many interesting things you were able to discover and share from your days in Venice, I now look forward to hearing about your days at home or as Michelle said “your other home!”


  7. Rob C

    Welcome back, it must be a shock, Venice to Qld in a day!

    I’m always struck by how noisy London is when we get back, not just sirens and drunks and all the other sounds of City Living, but the background ‘buzz’ , Venice is truly so much more Serene.

    Still, whenever I have to travel on the tube here I play a recording I made on the Vaporettoone day, and sometimes, just for a minute, I’m back there :-).


    • Last night, I wondered what in heck the noise was that woke me. It was cars on the street, of course. What a good idea to record the sounds while on a vaporetto! Was it one where the stops are announced?


      • Pat

        I remember going back to New York City from Cairo and thinking that it was QUIET! Weird, huh?

        So was the recording of the stop: san toMA? Love the way they say that on the vap! 😉


      • Rob C

        No, but next time I think I will ” Prossima Fermata San Stae” etc would be pretty cool instead of ‘London Bridge’. No it was just a quiet one along the GC.


  8. Katina Janakis

    Welcome home bella…
    Like Brian says, rest and relax and I think a little vino rosso will help you with that. I hope you don’t get any jet-lag, and the unpacking is painless, I hate that part!
    Your photos are beautiful, and even though this adventure is over, nothing like planning for the ‘next trip’ to keep the smile on the face!

    Nice to have you back on my time zone, buona notte xox


  9. julie

    Oh good, so glad he is back for his big moment .. when is the date for the burning ? Hope your friends get some pics xx


  10. julie

    Yay ! so glad your home safe and sound Yvonne, what an ordeal that flight must have been .. look forward to your next time in Venice .. Kath will be there soon ….

    Would love to find out what has happened to the Dogana Bull ? Keep your eyes and ears peeled on any news … I’m sure I have seen a webcam of the Dogana somewhere .. off to look .. miss you and your news ! xxx


    • Hi, Julie. Il Toro was back the day before I left, but my photo didn’t turn out, for some reason. He looked quite intact, in all ways!

      I just tucked the leopard print gloves away for cooler weather.


  11. Good to be home ,safe and sound in a way after that long flight,


  12. Such a long flight you had! I like the magic of the costumes….


  13. Hi, Michelle. I don’t really know exactly when I’ll get back to our lovely city.


  14. Michelle

    Welcome “home” , cara Yvonne. Your “other” home that is. Lovely pics. Gayle just asked if you will be there when I’m there in November. Will you??


  15. Lou

    Hi Yvonne, Welcome back. We will certainly miss our regular Venetian hit!
    After such a long time away it can be a really tricky time now you are home. Keep blogging.


    • I think I just might keep the flag flying for awhile, Lou. What a change in weather, after the lovely cold last few weeks in Venice. My hair has gone all tropical frizzy already.


  16. Hi Yvonne,
    it was fun following your venetian adventures : ) I’m sure your head is full of beautiful memories! When is the next trip? : ))


  17. Melissa

    Welcome Home! Sorry about the crappy hot weather, it seems to be dragging on this year. Hopefully, there will be some relief in sight soon.

    Are you back in Atherton yet?


  18. So glad that you are safely home (so sad you’re not in Venice) – apparantly you didn’t fly a financially troubled local airline? Looking forward to you’re unpacking memories and sharing them with us all!


    • Melissa

      Yes, Randy, Yvonne is certainly very fortunate that she did not fly Air Australia!

      All those poor people stranded around the world, it’s terrible! Apparently they knew they were going to go ‘belly up’ a couple of weeks ago but still kept selling tickets.


    • I haven’t caught up to any Australian news at all, Randallo, except for the bad language of our Former Prime Minister!


  19. Brian

    Welcome back. Rest, relax, avoid the jet-lag better than I usually do!


  20. Pat

    Good to know you arrived safe and sound. Now to the worst part of travelling……….until you start planning the next visit!


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