The Carnival is over, for me

Arrivederci, Venice.



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46 responses to “The Carnival is over, for me

  1. Thanks from me too; I’ve loved visiting Venice vicariously through your blog!


  2. Al

    I can’t believe that having come to your blog so recently that I am being left without my daily dose of Venice as seen through your eyes. It me gut-wrenching to leave, Yvonne. Hopefully you will do another blog on something else??? Let me know if you are in Brissy. Buon viaggio!


  3. Hello Yvonne!
    Time flies…..
    See you soon.


  4. Ciao Yvonne, Γ¨ stato molto bello conoscerti e scoprire Venezia con te.
    Ti aspetto il prossimo anno.
    Un carissimo abbraccio

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    • Daniela, my seat-mate from Zurich to Hong Kong was from TREVISO!!!! We had lots to talk about.

      Take care, eat una frittella con zabaione for me, per favore.

      Abbracci to you and Paolo.


  5. Pat

    I will miss reading your blog live from Venice each morning and all the pissottas! LOL!!! Safe trip home and look forward to reading more until your next trip to Venice….when will that be? Do you know yet?


  6. Yvonne, Thank you for all the great photos. I know leaving a place you love and returning home always comes with a,” mixed bag of feelings”. Have a safe journey home. I will miss the daily updates of a city I have always loved.


    • I’m sitting in Hong Kong now, for the next 6 hours. Then, yet another 13 hour flight, and a zombie will stumble off the plane. Into the heat and humidity. Oh, joy untrammeled! πŸ™‚


  7. Caroline

    And hello from me too! (Just taking a brief break from loading the van of stuff for storage.) Following your blog has been a wonderful way of already being in Venice vicariously. I’ll be looking back at your postings in the months to come to get lots of inspiration for our own wanderings. I very much look forward to meeting you next year – have you booked your flight yet? πŸ™‚ In the meantime, buon viaggio!


    • I just read the blog post about loading that van. What a long, hard day. Please have a spritz (Campari) for me, when you’re settled and can draw a deep breath. Ciao, and “Break a leg.”


      • Caroline

        Thanks Yvonne! We prefer Campari spritz too – Aperol is an acquired taste, I think! We will certainly toast you when we have our first one.


  8. Yvonne, we set out on our Venetian trek in just over two weeks now – it’s been fascinating and inspiring to follow your blog in the meantime. A shame we’ll just miss each other – hopefully we’ll meet up next year!


  9. Rob C


    Brilliant I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes again!! two days in a row 😦 Oh well, you deserve it πŸ™‚

    You’ve inspired us to do more when we visit Venice, we’ve learned and seen so much on your blog, we’re just gonna have to improve our italian as well.

    Safe home,


  10. Jan, you are absolutely right! You can tell me mind is not fully engaged this morning. (Sorry, any Seekers fans out there.) πŸ™‚


  11. Agree with all the others your blogs have been great, and such lovely photos, Thank you

    Tvonne was it not “The seekers” who did the Carnival is over ?


  12. island girl

    Hi Yvonne – my heart dropped when I read yesterday’s post was your penultimate ……. I have enjoyed the blog tremendously, even though I only discovered it this year. You have introduced us to so many hidden treasures in Venice – the most beautiful city, many, many thanks. Have a safe trip – best wishes


  13. Merci pour nous avoir fait partager Venise durant toutes ces semaines. Bon retour ; Venise vous attend. A presto !


  14. Yvonne

    I’ve enjoyed your daily yarn.

    You’ve given me plenty of ideas for our trip later this year.

    Welcome back to the sunshine state!



  15. Jayne

    I have only recently discovered your blog but have absolutely loved it. My family and I wer in Venice in October and we have been so happy to relive all our memories through your wonderful blog.
    I will miss checking your entry everyday.


  16. Susie L


    Thank you again for all of the enjoyment, pleasure, eye-opening experiences you have given me. PLUS I had the pleasure of meeting you in person!

    Safe travels my friend!


  17. Michelle

    I am so sorry for you to leave our beloved Venezia. I’m sure not as sorry as you are. You have done a wonderful thing with this blog. I know I won’t even attempt anything like it in November.
    Safe travels dear friend.


    • I’m sort of resigned to the fact, Michelle. The plane flights will be over, and it’ll be back to the daily routine in Atherton. I hope I see at least one cat on my last day here. πŸ™‚ Attila has wisely been staying indoors.


  18. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing your blog posts till I realized I hadn’t updated my blogger update for blogs I follow! I am looking forward to going backward to see what I have missed. Silly me.


  19. the Carnival always come back πŸ™‚


  20. Absolutely no way to “like” this post ;-( God Speed my dear friend. Have a safe journey home, SBS and all. I want to imagine that as you enter your home in Oz that you are figuring out a way to bring a Venetian “comfort corner” to the place where you sit to have coffee (wine), to read and/or knit. Hugs dear one. Venice is going to miss you! And I am going to miss your daily post on your life in Venice.


    • And, I’m going to miss being able to do that post. I’ve got ideas for that last external wall at home ….

      I’ll have to use Fausto’s recipe for frittelle and introduce them to my friends. Caio, Bosch Hause! (Hmm, I hope my Bosch water heater is still working.)


  21. julie

    Aww .. so sad Yvonne .. have a safe trip home … I have loved your blog and checked it everyday, will miss it and you. Had such a great couple of days with you and hope to do it next year xxxxx



  22. Melissa

    They say all good things must come to an end, but why??

    I bet you are looking forward to coming home and listening to all the mind-numbingly boring political campaigns!

    Have a safe trip home, thanks for all the lovely photos etc over the last few months.


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