Penultimate day

For you, Andrew, a glorious sunset behind San Giorgio Maggiore. The colours changed so quickly.

Some rather worn pavement, in Castello.

This is the remnant of a stained glass window at Sant’ Anna in Castello.

Dusk comes early in the winter.

NEWS FLASH! If you follow Fausto’s blog (Allogia Barbaria) you will have seen his video of the new owners of the fruit and vegetable barca, in Dorsoduro. Today, I bought some produce from the very pleasant young lady, and watched the new fellow being taught how to trim artichokes, by the past owner. (How many of those would he have trimmed in his lifetime?)

And, finally, another offering from Castello …



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36 responses to “Penultimate day

  1. I was so lucky to walk by, just as that was happening, Daniel. And lucky that Fausto had done a video of the news, for his blog. There’s so much for the young folks to learn. How wonderful that this tradition lives on.


  2. Yvonne,
    you captured a historic moment. How the torch, in this case the artichoke, is being passed from one generation to the next, like it has been done for hundreds of years.
    Thank you for all your posts. You made us laugh, you made us think, you made us miss the beautiful Venice even more.
    I’m looking forward to your posts from down under. Have a safe trip home.


  3. Melissa

    Have a good flight home, well, as good as that long flight can be! Have you planned a date to return to Venice?


    • My flight(s) are extra long this time, as I drop down to Brisbane, and then back up to Cairns. I have a few things to get sorted, then can think of a return again, Melissa.


  4. Barb

    I know you are taking dozens and dozens of happy memories home with you….enough to last until the next time when once again you’ll take us all along on your lovely strolls through Venezia.
    Grazie mille, dear Yvonne. Wishing you safe travels.


  5. Pat

    Sad to know it’s the end of this trip, but I know you will be back. Safe journey home!


  6. Brian

    Thank you, Yvonne, for all the time and work that goes into what you do to share the experience of Venice with us. I’m going to find some time and go through all these blog posts and photos again. Happy travels to you!


  7. Andrew

    Thanks for the photo, Yvonne. Now that IS St George on the top! I used to get very upset leaving the city at the end of a stay but I now realise it will always be there for us when ever we want to return. Have a safe journey home and let us now when you are returning. Thanks so much for your stalwart efforts.


  8. Rob C

    Yvonne ,

    I’m writing this with a tear in my eye.

    Bon Voyage, it was a pleasure to meet you and to read your blog every day. I know you’ll be back soon, I hope we’ll see you when you do.

    Rob (&Nat) x


  9. Hi, Julie! I’ll make a supreme effort to get up early next time I’m here, to see a sunrise. No promises, though. 🙂


  10. julie

    Love the sunset … what a fitting end to your trip Yvonne..

    Will miss your daily blog, safe travels home ..xxxxx


  11. Kathleen

    Yes, I can’t believe time has passed so quickly! Safe home, Yvonne. Have you got your return planned yet?


  12. Did not realise you were off home so soon, my how time has flown,


  13. Some of the most beautiful Sunset photos I have seen of Venice,


  14. Michelle

    Buon viaggio, cara Yvonne!
    I know you will never stop blogging about Venice.
    Hope to see you there again soon….perhaps in November when I’m there.


  15. MaryK

    And I second Susie’s thoughts.

    It was an absolute delight to meet you, and a daily treat to be transported back to Venice and all her special treasures and quirks via your blog.

    Hope the flight isn’t too horrendous…..


  16. Susie L

    I am so happy that the vegetable barge has re-opened! I am NOT happy that you are leaving La Serenissima! How is this possible? I feel you belong together…

    Thank you for all of the joy and pleasure you have brought to me through your blog. I must be a very selfish person, as I am hoping you have lots of blogging material to carry us through until your next trip!

    Buon Viaggio Dear Yvonne!


  17. Bert

    I like the teacher’s hat! That is great news – that the boat will be there for at least one more generation (we hope).


  18. Love that peach melba sky! Great shot of the paving stones!!
    Wow you did it again….right place and time…artichoke training!
    What will we do when you head home?


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