San Valentino

May Cupid unleash his wee arrows on you and those you love.




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12 responses to “San Valentino

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    The Calle Cappello sign in in Castello. I had visited the San Lorenzo cats right before I took the photo. Enjoy your last few days and I hope your trip home is safe and easy.


    • Thanks, Annie. I had eliminated Dorsoduro this morning, and was about to head out to Castello, that most interesting of sestieri!

      Safe, yes. Easy, ugh. But, I’ll avail myself of the lounge during the long wait in Hong Kong airport, for sure.


  2. Bert

    I was baffled by Michelle’s comment, until I realised that she’s American.
    That shop’s name is a bit like Mississippi – it’s Intimissimi. A lovely word.


  3. Jan pag

    I loved the snow yesterday! And today’s post, Yvonne . I spotted the first one on our last day – was it in Frezzeria? One of the main street anyway, though my memory is not as good as some of your other commentaters! And the cute bot – intimmisi I think. Lovely Italian atmosphere, but no heart shaped pisotta anywhere in Venice??!
    We made it home finally, snow around Gatwick but nothing left further west. Back to work! And best wishes for you journey home Yvonne if I don’t post again before then x


    • You’re absolutely right, it’s on the Frezzeria. And, wasn’t the snow a lovely treat? If I could Photoshop, I could do a heart shaped pissotta, eh?

      It was so nice to meet you folks. Ciao.


  4. Michelle

    My sentiments exactly, Maxine.
    Thanks Yvonne. Of course at first glance I was trying to figure out how you got someone to drop their pants but then realized….


  5. nice tush……Happy Valentines day……


  6. Melissa

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Love ya fella in the pyjama pants.


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