It’s magic

Let’s take a walk
Into the world
Where if our shoes get white
With snow, is it snow, Marina,
Is it snow or light?
Let’s take a walk

from “To Marina” by Kenneth Koch

Hurray! When I looked out the window this morning, I saw snow, and it was staying! So, with absolutely no apologies, I give you Venice in the snow, not much of it, but still …

My little snowman

What to wear when it snows. Many ladies wear real fur coats in Venice, it doesn’t seem to be an issue here.

I had never seen a ferret before, but here were two of them with their owners, from Puglia! They had their own fur coats to keep them cozy.


This light cast an aura of warmth in its area.

The snow started to melt, creating another form of beauty.

This little fellow was cozy  in his warm clothes, in Castello.

My favourite costumes today. Simple and nice. And happy.

And, so, your reporter signs off for today. I have to make some pasta sauce … I burned the first lot of garlic because I was sitting here doing this post. My cheeks are very red from wind burn. But, I’m so content!



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23 responses to “It’s magic

  1. Dear, I like your pictures so much … I would make some of them with Photoshop to an art .. with filters ??

    Many thanksgiving for answer


  2. Barb

    Oh dear, you mentioned that dreaded word..”pack”.

    I hope you realize that you will have many of your faithful followers going through a terrible withdrawal. Your delightful photos and commentary have brightened many of my cold and dreary days. With your very keen eye you were able to take us all along as you wandered through La Serenissima catching glimpses of people, places,….and yes, each and every pissota you passed along the way.

    I loved the photo of the little masked guy in the backpack. Aren’t the costumes fun to see? They really go all the way from the elegant to the ridiculous. Have you figured out how many photos you’ve taken?


    • Barb, that’s another of those 4 letter words, eh? Oh, well, every voyage comes to an end, dosn’t it? I might add up the shots when I get home and am looking for something to do.

      Melissa, I am a disappointment to people who eat and shop! So, no big treasures to bring home, unless you count the pair of waterproof boots I had to buy. Thursday is the big day!


      • Andrew

        Thsi was supposed to appear under Barb’s comment. Hope you have enough photographic material to last until your next visit.


      • 🙂 and Andrew, I’ve got something special for you on the 15th. Just because you’ve been a good boy!

        I reckon sorting those photos, and reliving memories will keep me busy for awhile, Andrew. I’ll no doubt want to share them with the Venice Lovers, Inc.


  3. Katina Janakis

    So beautiful Yvonne! I agree, after so many freezing days, waking up to a white Venezia would be magical… You are not missing much here, lots of rain and humidity, ufffff!!!!

    Ciao bella 🙂


    • I started to pack a bit this morning. It’s funny how we’re so careful on the way over, on the way home, just chuck it in!


      • Melissa

        Have you acquired some Venetian treasures to take home? If so, what are your favourites?

        Could you please extend your stay, I will miss your daily commentary and wonderful photos! Even if you could only extend by a couple of months!!!!!!!

        How many days do we have left to enjoy your daily reports?


  4. MaryK

    I’m so glad you got some snow – it seemed hardly fair not to after that freezing week.


  5. Ciao Yvonne! I love in particular the picture where the lion dressed a Carnival costume, it’s so funny. And I like fur coats, they seem to be so warm for your head, maybe I’m going to buy one (but not real fur!)


  6. I bet the kids had fun!!!


  7. Al

    Oh, Yvonne…SO much fun in this post. I love the snow pics, adore the lion all dressed for carnevale, and the family with masks. Making a snowman is always a delight, even a small one. Not too many Aussies get to make one of those.


  8. Michelle

    So lovely! I saw the snow on the webcams earlier and wondered it you would post about it. Your heart is in your posts. Grazie, Bella!


  9. Yvonne, you’re sounding like Pierre: a lovely poetic beginning! Lovely post!!


  10. Melissa

    Hard to believe all that beautiful snow after all those days of blue skies. Love the little Koala outfit, Aussies??


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