The inauguration of the Gran Teatro in the Piazza took place this morning. The crowd gradually grew, and more and more costumed, masked Carnevale celebrants began to appear.

Vin brule was going to be a popular drink today, and these ladies were making a start on a batch.

I walked down to the far end of Via Garibaldi, in Castello, to wait for the procession of the Marias. This has its roots far back in Venetian history, and each year, 12 Venetian girls are chosen to represent 12 brides who were abducted by pirates. The 12 girls are seated on platforms and carried for the latter part of the parade.

I noticed this lady watching from her home. Was she remembering  when she was young, like the Marias? She must have seen many of these processions pass her window.

The procession finishes in the Piazza. There was a lively musical group from Milano waiting for its arrival.  Although I was tempted by the offer of some red wine, I had my reservations about the receptacle this happy gent was using! I remembered it from nursing days …

To help us get into Carnevale mood, the winter sun was trying to make an appearance for us.

My camera battery died about then. I think the cold air drains it more quickly.


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23 responses to “Carnevale

  1. Al

    You were so very lucky to capture the lady at the window…a great candid shot. It all looks like great fun, but I’m not so sure I’d want to be one of the guys carrying Maria! As for the red wine…reminds me of work too much!

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  2. Rob C

    Wonderful, evocative pictures again Y. Well done!

    Carnivale is the one thing about Venice that leaves me cold, I’ve no interest in being there personally, but I’m happy to participate remotely 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,



  3. Thanks again, everyone for your gracious comments. I had another wonderful day today. It was a lot warmer, and the sun came out. Hurray!


  4. Thank you so much for the photos! Carnevale was not a big deal when we were in Naples in the early 80’s, I am terribly sorry to have missed it. This is certainly something to put on my list, retiring in August 2013. Stay warm, I can’t believe how frigid it looks.


  5. Brian

    Thanks Yvonne! Great photos. I don’t know how I can be in Venice in February, but I’m scheming.


  6. Barb

    You did such a wonderful job of showing us the many aspects of Carnevale. I found the picture of the older woman in the woman quite haunting…what stories she could tell. It was one of your best (and you’ve had lots of those). Thank you!

    We found it interesting to discover that many of those beautifully costumed young ladies are there with their own professional photographers who were handing out business cards.


  7. Pat

    Wish I was there! Someday….. BTW, I ALWAYS take extra battery with me! I wonder how much those costumes cost!!!!!!!!!


  8. Katina Janakis

    Grazie dear Yvonne, for taking us there…
    Beautiful, colourful photos, but especially love the one with the women at the window.
    I love tradition that is carried on for centuries, and you are there now to be a part of and enjoy. Fantastico! xx


  9. julie

    Gosh !! just looked at the webcams .. the Piazza is crowded … I suppse our dear Yvonne is there somewhere in the crowd .. love to hear whats going on


  10. julie

    Amazing Yvonne … love the photos, those poor “Maria’s” I feel for them in that biting cold, gosh I had multi; layers 2 scarves, fur hat, leather gloves and the cold still bites through ( thanks for the spare scarf by the way !)

    Hard to believe this time last week we were drinking vin brule along Canneregio canal ! listening to the “olay band” time flies so quick .. but wish I was back to see the main festivities..

    Keep warm xx


  11. I don’t usually do this, but I’m not answering individual comments today. Thank you for your lovely reactions!

    Now, I’ve got people to meet, places to go. See you later. 🙂 and hugs.


  12. Andrew

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Grazie mille.


  13. Susie L

    The photo of the woman at the window is striking. Perhaps she was a “Maria” is days gone by? Wonder if the gent’s wine “receptacle” had ever been used for it’s intended purpose.

    How are the crowds? It does not seem if you are being squished too badly. I had understood that during this time certain calles were designated as one-way. I wonder if this is what you are experiencing of if you are wily enough in your way to escape the throngs!

    Bravissima my friend, thank you for the report!


  14. Melissa

    Ahhhhh, ok, that makes sense…….Mulled Wine! Similiar to Gluhwein I suspect. To warm the cockles of your heart.


  15. Melissa

    Vin Brule?? Hmmmmm, off to Google now!


  16. Melissa

    Really beautiful, colourful photos! Would be great to be there to see it all. I love the look on the lady’s face at the window. I think she has just seen the red wine receptacle too!!!!!!


  17. Michelle

    The woman in the window brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps years ago she was one of the Marias.
    Grazie again for taking us along on your journey.


  18. Oh Yvonne you’ve done it again…..included us in on the magic!!
    You always seem to be at the right the right time. How did you know about the MARIA celebration?
    I usually hear about something the next day.
    Thanx for the thrills!


  19. Bert

    You’re right about your batteries and the cold. You should keep a spare with you, and keep it somewhere warm.
    A great photo of the Madonna on top of the Salute.


  20. The photo of the woman in the window is exquisite. And…. you brought us all to Carnivale today, TY, TY!


  21. Joanne Hoefer

    as usual great photos.


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