You really should be!

They’re playing “A Carnival in Venice” on the radio, just to set the scene.

They’re working frantically on the Gran Teatro in Piazza San Marco, to have it ready for the big opening ceremony tomorrow (Saturday), at 11 am. The sound system works, I can tell you that from first hand experience! The big TV screen should be popular with those of us who will be watching from the crowded Piazza. Those lights on the boxes will look very attractive at night-time. They are putting out low tables and benches in the space in front of the Teatro, the ticket office is set to go, and so is the Gran Cafe.

Campo San Stefano looks a bit different today. A semi-circle of tents has sprung up around Sig. Tommaseo (el cagalibri). He looks somewhat bemused by what is happening. Well, actually, he always looks that way, come to think of it.

What's going on now?

 Tomorrow, if you were so inclined, you could come to one of these tents to have your special Carnevale makeup applied by experts. It might be fun to come and watch the process and results.

Each tent displays one or more of the many popular characters you might see at Carnevale time.

It’s still very cold here, but despite that:

You really should be here!

PS This is a good webcam link to get some snapshot views of what is happening around San Marco:



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22 responses to “You really should be!

  1. Piazza San Marco was a little bit crowded this afternoon! Everyone seemed to be having fun.


  2. Pat

    Wish I was there! I think I’m going to take some inspiration from you and plan on staying in Venice for three months after I retire. For sure I want to be there during Carnivale!!!


  3. julie

    Ah wish i was still there (minus the cold) …would love to have seen the festivities…keep warm



  4. Andrew

    Ah Sig. Tommaseo, the guy who has trouble passing books. The excitement seems to be revving up for Carnevale. Keep us up to date please Yvonne.


  5. Michelle

    Ah, my dear Yvonne…always love a photo of you included. I’m with you in spirit. Looking forward to your pic from the grand opening.


  6. Al

    You really don’t have to tell me that I really should be there Yvonne…!!! I am, I will admit, rather envious of you having the chance to be there for Carnevale. Just the preparations look exciting. Can’t wait for our on-the-spot reporter to keep us informed. Happy weekend, and stay warm! (31c here today).


  7. Susie L

    Oh Yvonne, if only. I am still pining away for Venezia and plotting my triumphant return.

    Great photo of you, Venezia suits you!


    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to whisk over here just for a few days, Susie?

      There were signs of activity at the fruit and vegetable barge and shop near Campo San Barnaba the other day. I’ve heard rumours that there was a buyer, and the business will be back, just with new faces!


  8. Barb

    The Gran Teatro looks wonderful. It was not part of the celebration 2 years ago when we were there, so I am guessing that for the folks who are able to attend Carnevale every year there is always something new to see.
    And as always, another great photo of the “lady in red”!


  9. Joanne Hoefer

    what fun you must be having I am pea green with envy!


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