Gone with the wind

This afternoon, I stepped outside on the vaporetto as we passed the Dogana, so I could get a good close-up shot of Il Toro. But, he wasn’t there! I asked a couple of Venetians on the vaporetto if they knew what had happened. They didn’t even know there had been a bull there!

At the vaporetto stop, I tackled another Venetian, and we talked about it. There had been a very strong wind last night, reaching 130 km/h (81 mph), which is one stiff breeze.  If anyone saw a couple of people laughing and singing “Stormy Weather” and doing a few dance steps at the San Marco Vallaresso stop, fear not, it was only your reporter and the friendly Venetian man.

I just read, on the venessia.com Facebook site, that poor old Toro was toppled in the wind, and has been removed and taken, in pieces, to a shed.

The daily newspaper Il Gazzetino is predicting hotel cancellations this weekend as people hear about the inclement weather that Venice is experiencing. Well, let’s see what happens.

In the meantime, I hope they can put the big bull back together, in all his masculine glory, so he can take his place in the Carnevale celebrations.



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24 responses to “Gone with the wind

  1. So that’s what happened to the bull–I only just noticed him gone today and wondered if somehow I’d missed the fire! In your almost 3 months here you have gotten an amazing array of Venetian winter weather!

    Your bull report has convinced me even more than you can get the scoop on any mystery around here. Should I mention that today I noticed that the for sale sign on the little Depp palazzo was now down? Still can’t figure out what’s going on there.


    • If you substitute “snoop” for “scoop”, you’ve got me in a nutshell, Steven. Oh, and I couldn’t find 850 others to chip in 100,000 euro each, to buy Johnny’s place. Too bad, it would have been such an amazing time share nightmare!

      I discovered, far too late for this visit, the treasures in the NE section of Castello. I found a small booklet on domestic architecture in Castello and Dorsoduro that has me in a lather of frustration! I guess I’ll just have to come back.


  2. Bert

    “I haven’t had any earth-moving experiences” – where is Archimedes when you need him?


  3. Hi, Caroline. How is” Operation Rip-it” going?

    You’re so right, having the sun shining makes such a difference. I haven’t had any earth-moving experiences, but some friends who live here felt the tremors, twice.


  4. Caroline

    Hi Yvonne. Do I seem to remember you said you thought you felt the house shaking a little while back? We were talking last night to a friend who splits her time between Edinburgh & Venice, and she said her daughter (who lives on the Lido) told her there have been earth tremors felt in Venice.

    It may be cold and windy there, but I see via the trusty Hotel American Dinesen webcam that it is still sunny, so it looks fantastic to me here in cold, grey and damp Scotland! You do seem to have been very fortunate in what a sunny winter you’ve had, which is nice. Even when it’s cold, I think the sun makes us all more cheerful, doesn’t it?


  5. Buongiorno, Linda. Wow, do you often see bobcats!?

    I’ve got more chimneys for you, it’s difficult to walk past one without taking a photo.


  6. Thanx for all the bull update.
    It seems surreal…..I’m on the California coast enjoying the crashing waves….near Mendocino. Just spotted a bobcat….seems million miles from Venezia”!


  7. Al

    Perhaps I have missed something along the way…are you leaving Venice?
    …..”But, if he has to be rebuilt, I might not get to see him again.”


  8. Michelle

    That wind can be frightening. At my old place it would make the big living room window sort of buckle.
    Poor bull. I hope they can put him back together.


    • Isn’t it so, Michelle. Wind seems more frightening at night, when it’s dark.

      The artist and his helpers must have spent hours on Ferdinand, never knowing what was to happen.


  9. julie

    Gosh I bet that wind was cold ! and glad I missed it ..we had blasts of 90mph a few weeks ago anf that was bad, but not an icy wind


  10. julie

    Or ,, has the bull gone .. what a shame .. he was cute


    • I’ll be watching for his return. But, if he has to be rebuilt, I might not get to see him again. It’s lucky you spotted him, the other day.

      You were also lucky not to be here last night. There was lots of thumping and crashing as the wind caught window shutters on both sides of the calle.


    • Yes, he probably thought “Pretty cushy job, just sit around here, while people take photos of me and that funny kid with the frog.” Little did he know that, if the wind didn’t get him, the fire would.


  11. Susie L

    Thank goodness you are there to be our eyes and ears. I had heard some vague rumours of this and was anxiously awaiting your report. Grazie Yvonne!


    • Now, were the vague rumours about the missing bull, or the impromptu dance performance at the vaporetto stop! 🙂 Or, maybe the reduced numbers coming to Carnevale?

      I’ll keep my eyes open for more update from venessia.com


      • Susie L

        I heard vague rumours about the bull, but perhaps we will soon be reading something about a dance “happening” involving a mysterious woman clad in a red coat…


  12. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw … nothing. And, then, the folks who live here who didn’t realise he had come and gone.


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